Which Areas Of The Office Should You Clean?

If you are like most people, the office is your second home. And even more importantly, it’s the space where you engage and entertain clients to improve their experience with your brand. However, your office space could work against you in terms of acquiring and retaining loyal customers if you don’t keep it clean. But like everything else, maintaining a clean office is easier said than done. You’ll need to be intentional and dedicated to the cleaning process to have an office space you are proud of.

So now the question is, how often should one clean their office space? Below is a quick breakdown to guide you through the office cleaning expectations.

Note: there are several factors you’ll have to consider before creating a cleaning schedule.


For general health safety and sanitation, the restrooms have to be cleaned every day. You should focus your cleaning efforts on the toilet, sink and soap dispenser as they come into contact with all kinds of germs. And while you are at it, you should ensure there’ enough toilet paper in the stalls, wipe and sanitize the walls, mirrors and sink counters.

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If customers use your restrooms, then you’ll have to attend to them twice a day to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Kitchens and break rooms

These are the rooms where most germs are spread. The commonly touched surfaces and the dirtiest include; microwaves, countertops, door handles, sinks and more. You should wipe down and disinfect the appliances, countertops, tables, faucets and door handle daily. The microwave should be clean daily as well.


The lobby is the first space your client will see when they visit. You, therefore, want it to make a significant and lasting impression. Depending on the traffic your office receives, you should clean the lobby every few days. Professional cleaning services recommend vacuuming the space every night and wipe down the lights, plants and picture frames to avoid embarrassments.

Employee desks and the surrounding areas

Employees spend a lot of time at their office desks. As such, it’s safe to say these surfaces are a magnet for germs and grime. The most touched and dirtiest items include:

  • The mouse.
  • Calculator.
  • Phone.
  • Computer keyboard.

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These items need to be wiped with disinfecting wipes to remove germs. Also, you should empty the trash can, vacuum the carpet and dust the books and wall art around the employees’ space.


You should dust the windows regularly, preferably once every week. However, you should get in the habit of inspecting the windows for dust daily. Cleaning experts recommend window cleaning twice a year complemented by daily spot cleaning. Some factors affecting the frequency of cleaning your window include:

  • Office location – if your office is close to the highway or busy streets, the windows will accumulate dirt faster and thus require more frequent cleaning.
  • Landscape – if there are trees around you’ll need to clean off dust build-up and sticky residue.
  • Weather – if your location receives a lot of rainfall, you’ll need to clean the windows often to remove mineral deposits left by rainwater.


Cleaning the office will change the environment significantly. With regular cleaning, you’ll notice the air quality in the office will improve, and the employees are falling ill less. Customers walking into your office space will also be impressed by what they see.

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