What Your Office Desk Says About You

Your desk (and its state) tells more about you than you want to share. If you’ve ever glanced at a colleague’s desk and thought, “That’s probably how he is in real life”. You’re most likely correct.

Workmates tend to judge each other based on the status of their working space. While this is often thought of as baseless judging, it could be the opposite.

The Minimalist

This is a unique breed of workers that loves keeping their desk clean. You will only find essential things on top of their desk. Like everything else in the life of a minimalist, even on their desk, less is more!

To keep the desk space neat and organised, most minimalists are rarely ever around. Breaks are their most coveted times and they take long to reply emails or even ignore them.

Most minimalists are rarely ever at their work station and they always keep the fewest things possible on and in their desks.

Just like their desk, a minimalist tries to do the least possible work. They will always jump on the reports at the last minute and are always getting other people around the office to do most of their work of them — even small tasks like cleaning dishes.

The Hoarder

The opposite of the minimalist is the hoarder. If you’re a hoarder, you will try to squeeze as much as possible onto your desk. Hoarders have to move stuff constantly to find some working space. Their desks are packed with everything from the contract they signed when joining the company to the gum they were chewing last week.

The hoarders, also known as clutterers, are the most welcoming employees in the office. They are talkative, warm, and friendly with everyone.

To survive in such a limited space needs creativity. But, while a hoarder is creative, they are often unproductive. They rarely ever throw anything away and have every missing item around the office tucked somewhere in their desk.

You might argue that you know where everything is and sinking in your own little junkyard doesn’t bother you, but other employees are always worried the junk might find its way to their desks.

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The Techie

There’s always that one guy around the office who you can’t help but wonder if you’re in the same salary bracket. He is always aware of every new gadget in the market and happens to own most of them or have a plan to own one. This is the ‘techie.’

Techies are always eager to try out new things and spend more time getting their own things done than getting actual work done. They enjoy the spotlight and being identified as the smartest person in the room and they can be a bit impulsive at time.

As a techie, you believe that the more gadgets you have, the more productive you are. It’s evident from the number of gadget littered on your desk. You loathe anyone that tries to opt for traditional methods and don’t believe they should be able to live without a screen.

What you don’t know is that your colleagues think all that technology is actually distracting. They might come to you when they have even the slightest technical problem and you’re always their go-to guy when they need chargers for their devices. After all, you seem to have everything.

The Documentarian

The name is descriptive of the personality. A documentarian keeps records of every life event and function happening at the office the entire year. To keep up with the expansive information, expect to find photos, arts, awards, school documents, and even pictures at their desk.

Most documentarians are team players who take even the most casual of business events very seriously. They are always ready to help and make each event a memory worth remembering for them and other employees.

Documentarians hover around the printer longer than anyone else to make sure they get enough copies of the documents. Expect a documentarian to be more than willing to share all the juicy details of their recent vacation, some of which might be a little too much information.

The Personaliser

The personaliser is an interesting character to have in the office space and their desk is always the model that everyone around the office would want to have but just can’t get around it. A personaliser’s desk is filled with inspirational posters, stickers, and quotes and they are always ready to spread the optimism to other employees through their extroverted nature.

They like to make every space their own even when it’s not necessary and feel more comfortable having their items around them.

Personalisers don’t hesitate to show off their personality and are always looking for new ways to make their work desk stand out more and feel personal.

Most colleagues won’t tell you how tired they are of seeing photos of your kids and wife on your desk or the fact that you have toys and other quirky items on your desk.

Closing Thoughts

Your desk says a lot about who you are and your personality. By closely examining the state of your desk, you will conclude that this is your nature even at home. Your bedroom has largely the same feel and layout as your desk. If you’re a personaliser, your bedroom will also be filled with mementos and pictures.

There are certain habits like hoarding that can impede your productivity and make simple tasks harder for you. Identifying such unhealthy behaviours is critical in helping you become a better team player and a more productive employee.

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