things to do in sheffield

Top 10 Things to do In Sheffield

The fourth largest city in England has more to offer tourists than its history in the steel industry, as an office cleaning company in Sheffield, we love our hometown!. Whether you’re looking to tour on a budget or ready to spend for an exceptional experience, Sheffield has plenty of options that you can consider and ones that will make you want to keep coming back.

The only challenge is going to be choosing which ones to consider and which ones to visit at a later date. But, let’s save you the time and highlight some of the top 10 attractions and things that you can do in Sheffield.

Things to do in Sheffield

  1. Sheffield Botanical Gardens

It’s not every day you make time to go and see a garden full of flowers and plants, but with this 19-acre garden, it is an experience well worth the time. It was established in 1836 and has more than 5,000 different species of plants. When here, the glass houses which house the temperate plants from South Africa, Asia and Australia are a must see as well we the Four Seasons Garden and the Victoria Garden.

Spring is the best time to visit when most of the plants are at full bloom and the kids can run around as they look at the colourful gardens and catch a glimpse of the friendly squirrels. There are also many events staged on the grounds mainly musical and theatrical and they have a café on site just in case you get hungry while on the trip.

  1. Graves Park

This is an excellent spot for some family time. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. For the kids, there is the Graves Park Animal Farm where kids can see rare breeds of farm animals like Llamas and donkeys and when they want to burn off some calories, there are two playgrounds and little trains.

The park which also happens to be the City’s largest public green space has other activities ideal for all like sports which include tennis and soccer and for some bonding, there are nature trails and fishing on site. You can also indulge yourself in a meal at the on-site café in case the hunger pangs catch up!

  1. Visit the Museums and Galleries

Sheffield has so many museums and galleries you will be spoilt for choice. Each of the museums has something different to offer, so the experience is always different. You can start by visiting the National Emergency Services Museum which is considered the world’s largest museum of its kinds. They have more than 50 vintage vehicles which include fire engines, ambulances and police cars all waiting for you to see them.

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You can also visit the Graves Art Gallery and Millennium Gallery both of which promise a one of a kind experience. The Graves Art Gallery was opened in 1934 and features English art from the 18th century. The Millennium Gallery, on the other hand, is for art lovers. It features metal works, design exhibitions and contemporary art. For more art events, you can also pay the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Galleries a visit.

  1. Sheffield Town Hall

This iconic Victorian Hall was built in 1897 and remains the most notable structures in Sheffield. It’s a great place to start your tour. The impressive neo-renaissance building is surrounded by plenty of other attractions at a stone throw distance.

The most exciting features of this Victorian Town Hall building Is the 193-foot high tower with a figure of Vulcan (the blacksmith god) which represents Sheffield’s illustrious past in the steel industry.  Form the town hall, you can easily make your way to a number of museums, the Sheffield City Hall, theatres, and shopping centres.

  1. Go Water Skiing

Sheffield might not have those clear blue beaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little wet when you want. The city has plenty of water to bring on board the same experience that cities with access to coastline can offer.

The closest experience is the Rother Valley Park where you can learn a variety of water sports like water skiing, knee boarding, and wakeboarding. If water sports are not your thing, then you can enjoy a variety of other activities in the park like fishing, sailing, model boating, and archery to name a few.

  1. Go to the Sharrow Lantern Carnival

Now, this is not an experience you would want to miss when you pay a visit to Sheffield. The event only happens once a year, so your timing has to be right if you’re visiting from another city or country. The theme for the lanterns is set before the carnival and on the set date, the lanterns light up the skies of Sheffield.

People in their thousands stroll the streets of Sheffield with workshops held to help people design and make their own lanterns. If you love a good community event, there’s nothing better and more fulfilling than the lantern carnival in Sheffield.

  1. Visit the Peak District

The Peak District is just a 20-minute drive from the city. But, once there, you might think the city is hours away. It’s an immersive countryside filled with lots of greenery and rocks. While here, there are plenty of activities you can take part in. You can take walks, take swims in the wild, visit the country pubs or sit there and take in the therapeutic and breath-taking scenery.

  1. Mingle in a Festival

There are numerous festivals in Sheffield and you’re bound to find one you like. They range from music, literature, and even beer festivals. The most popular is the Tramlines Festival but, if you miss that, there are other worthy alternatives like the Off the Shelf events which is a festival of words that runs for almost an entire month and the Sensoria Festival or the Celluloid Screams which is a horror films festival.

For the foodies, there is the Food Festival as well as a variety of beer festivals. The festivals are so many all you have to do is time the one you’re most interested in and get as much information about it as possible.

  1. Catch a Movie

Like most cities of its stature, Sheffield has a number of cinemas where you can catch the latest acts from all around the world. The best place to catch your favourite film is perhaps the Showroom Cinema which offers a rich variety all year round.

If you prefer something more profound and small scale, the Magic Lantern Film Club, the Five and Dime Picture show and the Handmade Cinema Club are some of the alternative options you have. Each has a unique screening, so you never miss anything. And the Film Unit puts on a second run just in case you didn’t get enough from the first screening.

  1. Sample the Cuisine

Your trip around Sheffield is not complete until you have tried some of the local and fine dining cuisines the best spots in the city have to offer. You might want to take in the experience in bits to avoid being overwhelmed or missing out on the best.

The best place to get local produce is Henderson’s Relish, Cafeology, Seven Hills Bakery and Catherine’s Choice to name a few.

If you’re interested in something a little more complex for your palette, Rafters is the place to be! It’s one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city and their meals are perfectly paired with wines for the full experience.

Sheffield has plenty to offer to both the locals and visiting tourists. It has a little bit of everything that you could be looking for in a fun day out. Whether you’re looking for sports, adventure, knowledge or even bonding, rest assured you will find that and more within the walls of the ‘Steel’ City of Sheffield.

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