Student Accommodation Cleaning Sheffield

As the students leave for their summer holiday, you must already be thinking of how to make your student accommodation properties appealing for new students when the new academic year begins. At CHOR Services, we have the perfect solution for you; Student accommodation cleaning.

Cleanliness is a vital part of creating a positive first impression and improving your occupancy rate, and at CHOR Services, we will help you achieve that. We have many years of experience in the cleaning industry and we know the areas that most students will focus on when looking at your properties. We make sure all these areas check on the right boxes and the students are excited to start living in your properties.

With our student accommodation cleaning Sheffield service, we will:

  • Remove rubbish
  • Clean the carpets
  • Clean the window frames and wipe down all the switches and sockets
  • Clean inside and outside of all kitchen appliances which includes cookers, freezers and hobs
  • Clean all the kitchen cupboards inside and outside
  • Clean and disinfect the countertops
  • Clean and polish all the surfaces and woodwork in the kitchen, bedroom and living room
  • Sweep and wash the hard surfaces, door frames, sinks and window ledges
  • We will clean all the common areas like stairwells and landings
  • Deep cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen

Simply put, with our student accommodation cleaning service, we will not leave any stone unturned. We will clean even the hardest to reach areas just to make sure your student accommodations are sparkling clean.

Why Choose Our Student Accommodation Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning student accommodations, there’s a lot at stake. You need to choose a service that is experienced and provides impressive results while safeguarding the appliances and furniture. That is what CHOR Services is about. Here are more reasons why choosing our Student accommodation cleaning in Sheffield services is a great idea:

  • Experience – We have over a decade of experience offering cleaning services for student accommodations and other establishments. With our experience, we know how to handle and safely clean all appliances and the different finishes around the property.
  • Excellent Service – At CHOR, we only provide excellent cleaning results. To guarantee this, we have an in-house quality assurance team that checks all the cleaning projects we finish to make sure they are up to our high standards and that you are satisfied and happy with them.
  • Friendly Teams – We believe in offering service with a smile. From our customer support team right down to the cleaning crews on-site, we are a happy bunch of workers ready to spread the happiness as we fight stains and germs. We always make sure our clients are comfortable even as we are cleaning.
  • Affordable Rates – If the exorbitant cleaning fees have been keeping you away from having your student accommodation professionally cleaned, you have come to the right place. At CHOR Services, we have reasonable and affordable cleaning rates that are tailored to you. Get in touch with us today for a quote and you will be surprised.

Give yourself the best chance at impressing new students and improving your occupancy rate by giving us a call now for a professional student accommodation cleaning service.

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