10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Offices

Spring cleaning is an essential part of your office cleaning routine. But, most workers prefer to stay away from it because of the hefty workload of cleaning, which in some cases goes unfinished. If you worry at the thought of having to clean the office during spring, this blog will help you come up with a formidable strategy that will make it easier and faster to complete your cleaning duties.

  1. Divide the Workspace into Zones

You can’t get all the cleaning done in one day. Dividing your office space makes it easier to clean. You have better control of the areas that require less work and will take time and you can start there. If the office is shared, dividing it into zones also makes it easier to assign cleaning duties to other users in the same office.

  1. Make a Schedule

Depending on the size of the office, you might need a couple of days to clean the office properly. A schedule helps you to budget time. Allocate more time to areas that need a thorough cleaning and scale back on areas that don’t need too much time.

Your schedule will help you stay focused during the cleaning process because you know where to clean next. It will also help you have a more strategic approach to cleaning the office, so you don’t keep going back and forth.

  1. Grab Some Supplies

To save time, you should have all your cleaning supplies in one area where it’s easy to reach. Collecting your supplies in advance will save you the back on forth which can take up time and put serious mileage on your legs.

When picking up the supplies, don’t forget – it’s not only the cleaning detergents, cloths, brushes and vacuum cleaner you’re picking up. You also need a few safety supplies like an overall and a nose mask at least.

When using heavy-duty cleaner, be sure to read the labels and see if there’s any additional equipment you need to bring like rubber gloves to protect yourself.

  1. Declutter

First on your schedule should be decluttering. Before you can go on with the deep purge, you need as much floor space as possible. Decluttering will help you with that. Empty bins and get rid of everything that’s not being used in the office.

Clutter not only makes it harder to clean. It also has psychological influences and can increase on stress level. That’s why you should declutter mercilessly.

  • Organise the drawers and working areas within the office
  • Look through the junk drawers and get rid of any papers and files that are unusable.
  • Donate electronics you no longer use around the office

If the decluttering is done well, you should already start seeing the efforts of your spring cleaning around the office start to bear fruit.

  1. Create a Designated Area for Supplies

When decluttering your desk, you need a place to store the supplies you don’t use frequently but are still useful. These include staples, staplers, pens, marker pens, sticky notes, and other items. Have a designated place where you can safely put all these items. This will clear up space in your drawer and the tabletops. Use the desk to hold items that you use regularly.

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  1. Work from Top to Bottom

You don’t want to clean in circles that’s why you need an effective approach to clean. When working on the different zones, starts from the top and work your way to the floor. This will save you time because you don’t have to go back and forth as the dust settles in areas you had cleaned.

When dusting, it’s best to use a HEPA vacuum. Dusting will often transfer the dust to other areas while the vacuum will suck and lock up the dust, making it easier to manage. Once you’re done with areas like the ceiling and cabinet tops, you can now get to the floor and vacuum all the debris and dust that might have fallen as you were cleaning the high surfaces.

  1. The Walls and Windows

Walls and windows are often forgotten when cleaning. Some of the dust you’re chasing settles on the walls and windows. Without proper cleaning, the dust leaves an ugly coat on these surfaces. Use a damp towel to quickly wipe down the walls, blinds, and windows. Don’t forget the frames and curtain boxes if there are any in the office.

For the windows, it’s best not to use chemical cleaners. Steam cleaners and squeegee are great alternatives. They provide you with impressive results without any risks of damaging the window.

  1. Clean the Furniture

Once the organisation is done, you can get down to the actual cleaning. Thus far, you’ve gotten rid of clutter and properly dusted the office. Start cleaning by wiping down the furniture. This includes any cabinets in the offices.

As usual, start with the furniture sitting highest in the offices and work your way downwards. Use disinfectant to wipe down the surfaces then polish the furniture to make sure it retains that alluring shine.

  1. Clean the Air as Well

If the air in your office has been feeling a little heavy and dusty, it’s about time you changed the filters. Even after a vigorous clean, the filters are often forgotten which leaves the office with the same dense and dusty air.

If your budget allows, consider replacing the standard filter with a more robust one that is more efficient. It will keep the air in the office clean and breathable. Needless to mention, that means a better and healthier working environment for you.

  1. Take it Slow

If you don’t have the time, you don’t have to tackle the entire spring office cleaning in a day. You can set aside time and areas that you can easily and efficiently clean. Eventually, you will have the entire office done without breaking your back.

These tips should make your spring cleaning challenge simpler and more effective. You don’t have to get the help of cleaning professionals to get your office in order. If your office is large, you can enlist assistance from your family or friends to get the work to go along faster.

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