Shopping Centre and Retail Cleaning in Sheffield

The quality and perception of any shopping centre determine its ability to attract shoppers. The standard of cleanliness plays a significant role in setting such standards. With so many people visiting the centre in one day, keeping the levels of hygiene and cleanliness up can be challenging. If the dirt is not taken care of immediately and promptly, most shops fail.

At CHOR Services, we offer shopping centre cleaning services that will help you keep the facility spick and span at all times and have all the facilities ready and tidy for your shoppers. With over 10 years of experience offering shopping centre cleaning is Sheffield services, you’re assured that your future and the cleanliness of your centre are in the right hands.

Our Shopping centre cleaning services include

Washroom and janitorial cleaning

Your shoppers should be able to enjoy clean and tidy washrooms. With our services, we can replace the consumables and keep the rooms clean. We always use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices that not only clean but are also safe for shoppers.

Commercial cleaning

Our shopping centre cleaning services will cover all your commercial services. We can craft our services to fit your schedule and tackle all areas of the building.

Floors – we guarantee that your floors will stay clean and sparkling at all times. Whether you prefer them steam cleaned or regular cleaning, our practices will ensure that your floors are clean and well maintained at all times.

Windows – with so much traffic, you can have unsightly fingerprints on the windows and glass that can easily ruin the sheen of the windows. Our cleaners will keep your windows looking spotless both in and out.

Kitchens and eating areas – commercial kitchen areas can be hectic to clean. They build grime fast and require plenty of time to clean. But, with our help, you can always run a spotless and hygienic kitchen at all times and with minimal concern about your hygiene standards. We will also clean the eating booths and common areas and keep them clean at all times ready for the next shoppers.

In addition to our cleaning services, you can also enjoy other additional services which include;

  • Commercial kitchen cleaning
  • Anti-slip floor treatment
  • Out of hours cleaning

With our range of shopping centre cleaning services and experience, you have a reliable cleaning service that will take care of all your cleaning needs and help to keep your shoppers impressed and comfortable.

Full-service Flexibility, 100% Guaranteed

We understand that different businesses have different needs and we have tailored our services to meet the specific needs of your facility. Our cleaning contracts are bespoke to match your needs and you’re guaranteed of excellent cleaning services on time and without fail.

In addition to our customised cleaning contracts, we can also work around your hours. We want to cause the least possible intrusion and inconvenience to your shoppers so we are okay working with whatever time you would prefer we complete our duties.

Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive list of our shopping centre cleaning services. We can also provide you with a comprehensive quote that is tailored to your cleaning needs.

Our cleaning service includes Warehouse Cleaning, Shopping Centre Cleaning and more