Professional Sofa Cleaning Cost

Thinking of having your sofa professionally cleaned? You must be wondering how much that is going to cost. Professional sofa cleaning is a great idea with many benefits. However, the cost of the service varies depending on a variety of factors ranging from the type of cleaning you need for your chairs, the materials and even the design of the chair.

To help you better understand the potential costs of having your sofa professionally cleaned, here’s a quick blog about everything it entails and how each factor will affect the price.

Factors that determine sofa cleaning prices

Professional sofa costs differ from one cleaning service to the next. Other than the quality of service, there are other factors that contribute to the varying rates. Here are some of the main factors that affect sofa cleaning costs.

  • Design and number of pieces – The cost of cleaning one chair, two or three chairs is not the same. The price also differs when cleaning arm-rest chairs or a four-person corner sofa. The design and number of pieces in the set you want to be cleaned are some of the main factors considered when setting the cleaning prices.
  • Schedule – Choosing when you want to have your sofa cleaned could save you money or balloon the cost of cleaning significantly. This doesn’t apply to all sofa cleaning service. Typically, it will cost you more to schedule a sofa cleaning during bank holidays and other public holidays. Going for regular working hours might cost less depending on the company and their policies
  • Range of service offered – If you’re looking to get your sofa a nice scrub down and nothing more, you might pay less compared to a person who wants a stain protector applied on their sofa. The more the service you need, the higher the cost of cleaning is going to be.
  • Type of fabric and cleaning method – the method of cleaning differs depending on the material of the sofa. That means the cost of cleaning will also be affected. Some materials are easier to clean than others while others require more effort, time and resources. If you choose a more advanced cleaning method for your sofa, you will also pay more.
  • Additional service charges – while the sofa cleaners are at your home, you might decide to have your carpet and rugs cleaned as well. The other services will add to the total bill. The more the additional services, the higher the bill.

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Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods

There are a few different methods of sofa cleaning you can choose for your home. Sometimes, you don’t have to choose. The experts will choose the best method for you depending on the materials of the chair. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know each of them and what to expect.

Hot water extraction

For sofas made out of wool fabrics or synthetics, hot water extraction is the best cleaning method. Hot water under pressure is forced into the fibres dislodging any dirt and soiling. A powerful vacuum is used at the same time to suck back the water.

Using the vacuum removes up to 95 percent of the moisture instantly. If you’re looking for great results and don’t mind giving your sofa some time to dry properly, this method will suffice.

Dry sofa cleaning

If your sofa is made from delicate materials that are not water-resistant, dry sofa cleaning is a more preferable method. This process involves multiple steps to get your sofa back in shape:

  • The cleaners will first inspect the upholstered sofa. They will choose the best cleaning solution depending on the type of fabric and sensitivity
  • Some stains will be pre-treated before the dry cleaning of the sofa. This maximises on the dirt that is extracted using this procedure.
  • Once the preparations are done, a special machine applies a powerful solvent under pressure. It sends the cleaning product deep into the fabric to dislodge any dirt or soil sitting deep into the fabric.
  • The machine then sucks the solvent and the dissolved dirt together.

Dry Foam cleaning

For the most delicate fabrics, the dry foam cleaning method works perfectly. The method is different from the others.

First, the upholstery is vacuumed to get rid of loose and top dirt. A conditioning spray is then applied to the sofa to dissolve the deep-sitting dirt.

Foam is then applied using specialised equipment. The cleaner pays special attention, not to over-wet the surface of the sofa. The foam is then left for a few minutes which allows it to harden. It’s then sucked using a powerful vacuum leaving the sofa dry and clean.

Leather sofa cleaning

Leather sofas will easily outlast most of the other fabrics if properly cleaned and maintained. For the best results, leave leather cleaning to the professionals. One small mistake can compromise the longevity of leather and damage it completely.

The cleaning process starts with a quick inspection of the condition of the leather and testing of the cleaning solution.

Foam leather cleaner is then applied to the upholstery and cleaned off using a soft brush and cotton cloth. A leather rejuvenation product is used in the last step to prevent future stains and improve the look.

Is Professional upholstery cleaning worth the cost?

Reading through the different methods used to clean sofas, you must have come up with your homegrown ideas of how you can achieve the same results. The truth is, you can try. But, the potential risk of damaging your sofa is not worth the few quid you will save.

Sometimes, the results of your home trial run are impossible to clean even using professional machines and you might have to replace the sofa prematurely.  Some of the risks you run by cleaning your sofas yourself include:

  • Not knowing what your fabric the upholstery of your furniture is made of
  • Using the wrong cleaning products for the wrong fabric
  • Not using the right method, tools or equipment
  • Not knowing how to treat each stain

Each mistake you make only adds trouble to your sofa and some of the mistakes have irreversible results.

Choosing a professional sofa cleaning service will definitely impact your finances. But, compared to the comfort of having a clean, allergen-free and stain-free sofa, the cost of having your sofa professionally cleaned is negligible. What’s more, you will be extending the life of your sofa and getting more out of it. If you are still unsure as to how to go about cleaning your sofa, get in touch with us here at CHOR Cleaning Services, we offer commercial cleaning services in Sheffield and are happy to help.

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