Office Cleaning in Sheffield

First impressions are everything in your business. While you can have all the policies, the perfect team and the perfect pitch for your clients, something as a little dust on your desk or the phone can turn them away.

Our job at CHOR Services is to make sure you Wow every client who walks into your business premises and offices. We make this process easy, straightforward and affordable. Our job is to help you keep your office in great shape as you work on the business.

There are numerous benefits associated with keeping a clean office not only to you but also for your employees and customers. If you’re not sold on the idea of having a reliable cleaning service tend to your office, here are a few of the benefits you stand to gain.

Improved productivity

On average, an employee loses nine working days in a year due to preventable sicknesses which are related to inadequate hygiene at the workplace. By keeping the workplace clean and organised, employees find it easier to find items around the office and it provides a hygienic and clean environment that reduces the chances of sickness.

A safer workplace

An office can be a slew of disasters waiting to happen. If not routinely and adequately cleaned and organised, spills on the flow can be a slipping hazard while other items lying around like long cords can easily trip the employees. With our office cleaning Sheffield services, we can guarantee a safe environment for you, your employees and your clients.

A professional appearance

A clean and well-organised workplace is not only safe and sanitary but also an extension of your values. It shows the attention you pay to the business and how well you care for the employees. It also offers the customers and clients who come in through your door an excellent experience making it easier for them to decide to partner with your business.

With CHOR Services, we will help you make your office the perfect working place and get it to win over the confidence and trust of your clients. With our office cleaning services, we work on a variety of areas in the office space which include;

  • Cleaning staff working areas and kitchens
  • Cleaning air conditioning vents
  • Vacuuming the carpets and upholstery in the office and waiting spaces
  • Spot cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • External fascia cleaning

At CHOR Services, we understand that not all businesses are the same. That is why our packages are customised to meet the unique needs of every business. This way, our clients get value for money.

Why You Should Choose Us

Experience – we have over ten years of experience cleaning office and commercial processes. We understand the best practices and procedures to keep the areas clean and sanitary while protecting the value of the things and furniture you love.

Quality assurance – we take the quality of our service very seriously. We always supervise our cleaning team to ensure the cleaning job has been done to the right standards and that no areas on the checklist have been left out.

Customised service – we aim to help each business achieve its goals and we can appreciate that the goals can be different as well as the budget limitation. That is why we offer customised packages to our office cleaning Sheffield clients. That way, they only pay for the services they use while getting more out of us.