Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Sheffield

Did you know that an estimated 70% of fires in commercial kitchens are caused by faulty ventilation and clogged kitchen extraction systems? If the build-up of grease and fat in your kitchen ducts is not properly cleaned, it can significantly increase the chances of a fire which can easily spread to other parts of the building because of the sufficient supply of fuel and oxygen in the ducts. That's why we offer Kitchen extraction cleaning in Sheffield and nearby.

You don’t have to wait until disaster strikes. At CHOR Cleaning Services, we offer comprehensive kitchen extraction cleaning in Sheffield that will help get rid of all the dirt and grime and improve the health and safety standards of your kitchen.

Why Carry Out Extractor Cleaning?

To remain compliant – Keeping your ducts and kitchen canopies clean is not only your duty but a requirement by law. The fire reform act of 2005 indicates that the fire safety responsibility lies with the owner or the occupier of the building. That means it’s upon you or your business to make the establishment safe and lower the risk of a fire. This requires fire risk assessment which always points to regular cleaning of the ductwork in the kitchen and canopies to reduce the amount of grease produced.

It is required by insurance – Should anything happen to your commercial kitchen, your insurance company is obligated to assess the cause of the fire before paying out. Part of the requirements from your insurer is to have a regular cleaning schedule for your kitchen ductwork. The cleaning should be of TR19 standards which call for professional cleaning services to handle the task for you. In case of fire, you will need to have reporting and certification before your insurer can pay out.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

Now that you know why you need kitchen extraction services, here are a few reasons why you should work with us to get your commercial kitchen to international safety standards.

TR19 best practice cleaning – our goal is not only to get you the best cleaning results but to also help you get certification for all the works completed. All our cleaning processes adhere to the HVAC TR/19 best practices standards and we will provide you with the certification and reporting once we have completed the cleaning exercise.

We are thorough – The job of degreasing the ducts in your kitchen requires a thorough scrub with meticulous attention. We take time to understand everything about the kitchen before we start the cleaning process. If there are any obstructions to the access panels, we will let you know as we get on with our work. We ensure we scrub every inch of grease and leave the ducts to grease free and rejuvenated. We always go the extra mile to deliver the wow factor and to see you beaming with satisfaction when we leave.

World class cleaning – Relax! We’ve got this. We have a team of highly experienced and trained cleaning personnel that will handle all aspects of the cleaning. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Our work is only done when you’re 100% satisfied with the results. We work under minimal supervision so you have nothing to worry about if you have to attend to other business while we get rid of the grease.

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