Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Stockport

CHOR Services is a professional and cleaning service. We offer a wide array of cleaning services, including kitchen extraction cleaning in Stockport. Before anything else, we should point out the fact that extraction kitchen cleaning is a requirement by law. You need to inspect continually, clean and sanitize the mechanical ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in a commercial kitchen.

If you’ve noticed a change in the quality of air or an increase in the price of energy bills you pay, you should reach out to us without hesitation. We shall help you solve the problems.

Why Carry Out Extractor Cleaning?

  • To prevent kitchen fires

Now, oil and fat are flammable. On the same note, a greasy residue is a huge hazard. But we are here to help you prevent fires from consuming your establishment. Fans, ducts, canopies and hoods should be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the combustible residues before the situation gets out of hand. Yes, when the situation is bad enough, the high heat temperatures are enough to set the establishment ablaze.

Because of the risk you face by inferior cleaning, you should not settle for below average cleaners who only clean what is visible and areas that will be inspected. Such cleaning will not cut it in the long run. If the exhaust system isn’t cleaned in its entirety, the grease residue that is left behind will still leave you at the mercy of fire breakouts.

  • Retaining insurance

Most people forget that in as much as insurance companies offer protection to your property and assets, they are businesses as well. With this in mind, insurance companies often have provisions that exclude claims in the case of negligence in the case of accidents, including fire. Lack of proper cleaning can count as negligence when a fire breaks out. After every inspection, the CHOR Services team provides a comprehensive report detailing all the cleaning done. This can be presented to the insurance company as proof of meeting your end of the deal.

  • Health and safety

Hygiene experts continually require that the extracts and canopies are cleaned often to help prevent contamination of food and maintain an odour free environment. You see, when oils and fats build up, they create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, rodents, cockroaches foul odour. Contaminated oil will also keep through the filter and overflow from the oil drains and back onto the cooking surfaces and into food (the thought alone is disgusting). When this happens, health is compromised inside the kitchen and within the public as a whole.

A clean system helps to promote clean air which benefits everyone who steps foot into the establishment.

  • Save costs on the equipment

Regular cleaning will not only prevent fires and also uphold health and safety regulations; it helps in preventing damages. Grease builds up in and around sensitive parts of the system. The fat will bind to the moving parts like the fan and create a motor burnout. But when the ducts and exhaust systems are clean, equipment efficiency increases which reduces energy costs and cleaning costs.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

  • We are thorough with our cleaning.
  • We adhere to the TR19 rules.
  • We offer cleaning certificate as proof.
  • We have a skilled and experienced team.

Extraction kitchen cleaning isn’t one of those things you can ignore. It is crucial to the success of your business, and in the UK, you have to meet specific cleanliness standards to continue serving your market. To help you know how soon you need our services, below is a simple guide:

For a commercial kitchen with light use average between 2 and 6 hours a day, annual cleaning is okay. For those with medium and heavy use, between 6 and 12 and 12 and 6 hours per day respectively, require cleaning every six months and three months.