Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Rotherham

Many people love to own or run their restaurants. And while they know it will take a lot of work to succeed, most are not usually ready for the constant maintenance they have to do to keep up with the restaurant industry standards. But here’s the good news, you don’t have to bear all the burden on your shoulders. CHOR Services is here to help you meet most of the health standards the UK food industry requires of you. Our comprehensive kitchen extraction cleaning in Rotherham is our small way of showing that we are rooting for you to succeed.

Why Carry Out Extractor Cleaning?

  • To meet insurance requirements

In the UK, you cannot run a commercial kitchen without insurance. A commercial kitchen is a big undertaking that is not to be taken lightly. Insurance protects your establishment in the event of any loss (usually a fire). But here’s the thing, insurance companies are a business. They are therefore out to reduce the chances of having to compensate.

Because of this, they attach some requirements to the insurance they offer. In the case of fire insurance, they require a commercial kitchen to play its part in ensuring that a fire doesn’t break out. This includes scheduling regular extraction cleaning. The extraction cleaning should meet the TR19 standards set by the industry.

Now, when a fire breaks out, you need to provide certification from a professional cleaning service like CHOR services before you can claim a payout.

  • Improved air quality

Dirty exhaust systems prevent smoke, odours, and heat from escaping the kitchen. With the retention of the above, cases of employees falling ill increase and the overall productivity of the kitchen reduces significantly. And as the owner or manager, you’ll always be under stress to find someone to work a shift – being short-staffed is no joke.

Also, without adequate ventilation, the air pollutants will affect food quality and bring down employee morale; after all, no one likes working in substandard working environments.

  • Lasting fan motor

Replacing a part in the exhaust system is bound to be expensive. In your bid to save some cash by evading regular cleaning and maintenance, you’ll end up spending a lot more replacing broken parts, cleaning the exhaust system or even buy a new system altogether. CHOR exhaust cleaning services will see to it that your fan motor runs efficiently and reduces the amount of exhaust maintenance by a whopping 30%.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

There are a lot of cleaning companies in the UK industry. We shall not pretend we are your only option. However, while some companies cower at the face of competition, CHOR Services welcome it, embraces it and thrives despite it. Here are some reasons we are among the top in the UK industry and why you should choose us for your kitchen extraction cleaning in Rotherham needs.

  • We have a team of professional cleaners – extraction cleaning is not like cleaning tables and regular kitchen surfaces. It’s an intricate process that needs special attention and skills. Our team is well trained and has relevant experience to turn the cleaning into a success.
  • High tech cleaning gadgets – in the time we’ve been operational (over a decade), we have acquired high tech cleaning gadgets. These allow us to deliver quality cleaning services in record time.
  • We adhere to industry standards – our goal is to not only get sparkling clean results but to also ensure your kitchen measure up to the TR19 standards.
  • Call us today and let us help you get the best from your restaurant. But aside from extraction cleaning, we offer other cleaning services, including floor cleaning and window cleaning.