Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Mansfield

Here is some shocking news. Most of the fires that break out in commercial kitchens are as a result of neglected ventilation and ducts. Over time, the extractions get blocked with grease and fats from your kitchen. And here’s the worst thing – it not only your kitchen that is at the risk of burning down the entire building since the ducts have a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Because of this, we have taken the liberty of offering kitchen extraction cleaning. You do not have to wait until a disaster strike to give us a call. At CHOR cleaning, our services are comprehensive and will get rid of every grime and globule of fat in the ducts for improved safety and health.

Why should you bother with kitchen extraction cleaning in Mansfield?

  • It helps to keep your business open

This is by far the most crucial benefit of our kitchen extraction cleaning in Mansfield. Without regular duct and extraction cleaning, your kitchen violates the local safety and fire codes. As such, it will consistently be shut down and interrupt the service offered to loyal customers. Hiring us or the cleaning service is an excellent idea because we provide you with service stickers that allow you to keep track of the cleaning.

  • It reduces the risk of fires

Another reason for exhaust duct cleaning is that it helps to reduce the risk of fire in the duct system. Without proper cleaning, the grease vapor that is produced when cooking sumptuous meals will build up in the ducts. And when it’s heavy and low enough, high temperatures may ignite the grease, and the fire will spread to other businesses – the grease acts as the fuel, and the oxygen in the system keeps it alive. To prevent this from happening, we provide thorough grease removal services.

  • Cleaner indoor air

A dirty exhaust system will interfere with airflow in the kitchen with time. This is because heat, smoke, and odours in the kitchen will no longer escape through the duct, but instead, they will linger and spread to other parts of the building.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Service?

We are not going to bury our heads in the sand and pretend we are the only ones offering the service. However, we are proud of the fact that we do it better than anyone else.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should hire us.

We only clean the kitchen ducts when it is convenient for you - we love working around your schedule because we understand the importance of being consistent with service delivery to your customers. It could make or break your business. We work around the clock. We have noticed that for this service, most establishments prefer early mornings before they open their doors or late at night after they close. Because of this, we have our team on standby to work at these times. You will not have to stop regular business to clean the ducts.

We have a team of skilled cleaners – extraction cleaning is not like regular cleaning. It needs some skill to pull it off. Luckily, our team is not only skilled in this area of cleaning but also has a lot of experience. As a company, we have been open for ten years.

We are affordable – just because it is a necessity; it doesn’t mean that we will charge you a fortune for it. You have a business to run, and we are aware of it. Our prices are just right for the level of quality that we offer.

If you haven’t made that call yet, what are you waiting for?