Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Manchester

Every commercial kitchen has an exhaust duct as such, it follows that it needs to have extraction cleaning every so often. The period between the extraction cleaning is dependent on how much work the kitchen does and the type of food the kitchen makes.

However, whether your kitchen needs frequent extraction cleaning or not, one thing is for sure, you need a thorough job done for a couple of reasons. First, it is a requirement by the industry. This means that to maintain your license of operation you’ll need to have regular cleaning.

Luckily for you, we have a wide range of leaning services including Kitchen extraction cleaning in Manchester. As a company we are dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best.

Why Carry Our Extractor Cleaning?

To remain compliant with the industry standards

Health is important when running a kitchen. And even more important is ensuring that the kitchen is not at risk of bursting into flames. With time, the extraction ducts accumulate grease and oils. In little amounts, they are harmless but once they hit specific levels, the greasy and oily deposits can burst into flame by exposure to high temperatures let alone direct fire.  And according to the law in the UK, the responsibility of ensuring the kitchen is safe and at a o risk of fire is the owner of the kitchen.

Improve air quality

When grease and oils accumulate in the ducts, the quality of ai in the kitchen reduces as a result of the blockage. This means that the kitchen will have a stuffy smell even when you wipe the kitchen surfaces every day. Also, you’ll notice that the employees get sick a little often than when the ducts are clean.

It is a requirement by the insurance companies

Insurance companies are willing to protect the kitchen from fire accidents. However, seeing that they are a business as well, they require business owners to take several measures to ensure that the risk of the insured risk is reduced. In the case of fire, they expect that you conduct yearly extraction kitchen cleaning. And because of this, as CHOR services offers a certificate as proof.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

Now we now that there are many extraction cleaning services in the UK. But even then, going with the level of services we offer, we are pleased to encourage you to give us a call. Below are what you stand to benefit.

High-quality service – you are guaranteed that our work will not only meet your standards but that of the industry as well. We shall provide a certificate as proof of our work. We are ready to back and defend our work when called upon to do so.