Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Macclesfield

CHOR Services provides all kinds of cleaning services, including kitchen extraction cleaning in Macclesfield. And no, our extraction cleaning service is not limited to commercial kitchens alone – we do it for other businesses as well.

Now, exhaust systems tend to get clogged with oils, fats and grease over time. These components put your establishment at the risk of fire. Because of the regular deposits, these systems need to be cleaned several times in a year. For some businesses, the cleaning frequency is higher than for others. All this depends on the type of cooking that takes place. In our experience, some kitchens need cleaning twice a year and others thrice or four times a year.

Our cleaners handle everything in the kitchen from cleaning the ducts to kitchen surfaces and ensuring that the whole process meets the TR19 standards. We can cover all commercial kitchens ranging from pubs, takeaways, restaurants, canteens, homes, and schools.

Why Carry Out Extractor Cleaning?

  • Reduce fire hazard

With time, the kitchen canopy filters installed in the ducts get drowned in grease. Because of where they are situated, it’s impossible to remove or clean the filter using conventional cleaning methods. As a result, the filters become less effective in trapping grease, and the life of the fan reduces significantly and put your commercial kitchen at the risk of a fire breakout. Our extraction kitchen cleaning services ensure that your establishment is safe from a fire.

  • Maintain hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are the two pillars of running a successful commercial kitchen. Where the food is made should be sparkling. Your customers demand it as do the organisations governing the food industry in the UK. Speaking of governance, you are required to meet specific requirements including the TR19 cleaning standards.

  • Helps save money

Some people think that reducing the number of times they have the extraction systems cleaned they will save money. Well, this is a myopic perspective. Why? Because skimping on extraction kitchen cleaning means that your kitchen equipment runs for prolonged periods under stress. This, in turn, results in high energy bills and expensive parts breaking down. So in the long run, instead of saving money, you’ll spend a fortune.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

  • High-quality cleaning services – we’ve been in the industry for more than a decade. This alone is a testament that we are doing something right. We take pride in delivering high-quality cleaning services. And no, we do not charge a fortune for it. On the contrary, our pricing matches the quality we offer. It is our attention to quality that has our business thriving to date.
  • We work with your schedule – we understand running a commercial kitchen (especially a restaurant) is not easy. You are constantly juggling tasks all while ensuring your customers are satisfied with the service. And it is because of your loyalty to your loyal customers that you cannot afford to close shop during regular business hours. Because of this, our team is ready to clean in the early mornings before you open or at night after you close up. This way, we don’t interfere with regular working hours.
  • We meet TR19 cleaning standards – there would be no point of cleaning your kitchen ducts if the process does not meet the industry standards. We understand what the TR19 standards require and meet these standards. We offer a comprehensive report once we are done with the cleaning.

If you have not reached out to us yet, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us through email, phone or online chat for a quick consultation.