Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Leeds

Running a restaurant was your dream job/career. And now that you have it, no one can steal your joy. The joy that comes from putting a smile on people’s faces with your food. With that said, we are also aware that running a restaurant/commercial kitchen is not a walk in the park. There are numerous regulations that you need to adhere to, including cleanliness.

But regardless of how much you try to keep things clean in the kitchen, the extraction systems will get clogged by oil, fats and grease with time. As a result, they will turn into fire hazards. But for safety purposes and to maintain high levels of cleanliness, you ought to conduct kitchen extraction cleaning several times a year depending on the type of cooking you do. As a company, we’ve found that some extractions are okay with annual cleaning while others need cleaning every six or even three months.

Why carry out extractor cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is necessary if you are keen on passing the fire code inspection. But aside from this, Chor kitchen extraction cleaning services have more benefits.

Preventing fires

Grease tends to build up in commercial kitchens fast. And given its nature, it can start a fire quickly.  And quite honestly, an uncontrolled fire is the last thing you’d want in your kitchen. But this is exactly what will happen if the grease is left in place. And no, emptying grease containers and having the employees wipe down the kitchen thoroughly does not help. The only thing that can save you and your kitchen is extraction cleaning.

Better airflow

If you are wondering why your electricity bill has sky-rocketed in the past couple of months, the answer is in the condition of your equipment. They aren’t well maintained, which means they have to work harder to perform regular tasks. This often translates into using more energy.

But when you schedule our Chore kitchen extraction cleaning, we will get rid of the grease, and you’ll notice improved airflow. This will translate into an efficient kitchen and even better, reduced energy bills.

Improved air quality

Dirty kitchen exhaust systems interfere with kitchen airflow. As such, they prevent heat, smoke and odours from escaping. This causes not only a hike in energy bills but also the number of times employees call in sick. And the worst thing you can have in a busy restaurant is sick employees since it adds to the strain and stress of running a busy kitchen.

Without enough ventilation, air pollutants spread and affect food quality, employee morale and health. With improved air quality, you can save yourself all the problems mentioned above. And the way Chor Services helps is by cleaning the extraction system.

Long-lasting fan

The cost of replacing any part of a kitchen exhaust system is insane. At the end of it, you’ll lose more money by not properly maintaining it than if you would have to begin with. When the system starts falling apart, you’ll incur costs of new parts, cleaning or worse still, you’ll have to invest in a new system altogether.

Cleaning the kitchen’s exhaust system ensures the fan motor is running and reduces the maintenance by a whopping 30%.

Why choose CHOR cleaning services

  • We have been cleaning kitchen extraction systems for more than ten years.
  • We are skilled in kitchen cleaning and can help you reap maximum benefits from extraction cleaning.
  • We have a team of professionals working under our wing and who are keen on explaining every step taken in the process.

Make the smart choice and call us today.