How to Keep Germs from Spreading in the Office

The unravelling pandemic of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is reiterating the importance of hygiene not only at home but also in office spaces.

While Coronavirus is the most recent case, it’s not the only one. There are other conditions like cold and flu that tend to spread quickly in an office setting. While the management has a role to play in keeping the employees safe, most of the weight is on the employees observing proper measures and hygiene when in the office.

Some of the tips you can practice to prevent the spread of germs at the office include:

Wash your hands frequently

Your hands take most of the blame in the spread of germs around the office. Not only do you transfer germs from outside into the office when you touch different places, but the same hands can also pick up the germs from a contaminated surface and introduce them into the body.

As soon as you get to the office, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. In case you don’t have access to water and soap, you can use a hand sanitizer.

Work from home if you’re feeling unwell

Most workers will grudgingly come into the office when they are not feeling well to avoid being frowned upon for taking a sick day. However, staying at home is not only good for you, but everyone else at the office.

If you have to go to work, try as much as possible to avoid human contact and also wash your hands frequently to avoid contaminating surfaces and equipment around the office.

Get the flu vaccine

Getting a flu shot might not be the best experience. But it will save you loads of trouble and suffering in the future. The shot doesn’t guarantee that you will never get the flu, but it can protect you from a number of other viruses as well. It also reduces the risk of getting the flu significantly.

Practice proper hygiene

Hygiene is the responsibility of both the management and the employees. The administration should ensure the office space is properly cleaned. It’s also the management’s job to make sure the employees have the right supplies to keep their work desks, phones, and computers cleaner.

Also, ensure the cleaning service pays attention to the communal areas like the kitchens and bathrooms when cleaning. Or why not call our commercial cleaning team in Sheffield.

For the employees, you should wipe down your workspace and the general computer area (even when you’re not sick). These spaces are often a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Refrain from touching things

The fewer the things you touch, the lower the chance of spreading or picking up an infection. It might not be easy to do, but it’s highly encouraged that you only touch things when absolutely necessary. If possible, use a wipe to clean the surface or appliance before you touch it.

Final Thoughts

With these few and simple tips, you can arrest the spread of germs in the workplace. This will save you and the other employees a trip to the hospital as well as save the business some money in lost income because of sick days.

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