How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost

For any business, the cost of hiring an office cleaning service is their primary concern. While keeping the office space clean is necessary, if the price is not right, the business can think of alternatives that are cheaper even though the results might not be as pristine.

As the leading commercial cleaning company in Sheffield, most potential clients will ask how much office cleaning costs before they can proceed to vet the qualities of the service.

Typically, each office cleaning service has its rates. But their quote is usually affected by a number of key factors that they have to consider to make the business feasible for them and provide you with quality services. These factors include;

Size of the office

The size of your office is the primary factor when quoting the cost of office cleaning. Large offices will cost more because they have more space that needs cleaning and usually, they tend to hold more equipment, which also needs attention.

Some larger offices even have bathrooms which increase the floor space that needs cleaning not to mention additional services like restocking the toiletries. In most cases, the cost of cleaning is divided depending on the size (in square feet) of the office.

A smaller office takes less time to clean with fewer areas that require attention. As such, smaller offices are generally cheaper to clean.

Some of the more prudent cleaners will charge per square foot. On paper, this might look like a more expensive approach, but it makes sure that a foot paid for is a foot cleaned and might result in significant savings for the client.

The time it takes to clean the office

The time it takes to clean your office will also affect the cost. Most professional cleaners charge by the hour. You can mitigate the time it takes to clean the office by choosing times when the cleaning crew is not strained and doesn’t have to share the floor space with your workers.

If the cleaning crew comes to clean on during your staff’s working time, the cost might be higher because they will take more time to get their job done. Choosing office duty time means both workers and cleaners are disrupted. It’s best to choose after hours. In most cases, cleaning contractors will get the job done in a shorter time saving you some money.

The amount of work needed

When was the last time your office got a good scrub down? Have you had the windows, table tops, common areas and desks cleaned recently? If not, the cost of office cleaning will likely be higher. Having a regularly cleaned office might save your cleaning budget significantly.

Dirtier offices require more time and resources to clean compared to regularly cleaned offices. That’s why the cost of cleaning such an office can be higher.

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Frequency of Cleaning

Professional office cleaners will charge more if you only want a once-off cleaning service. For clients looking for regular long term cleaning services, the rates can be lower making it cheaper to have the office cleaned.

Quality of Service

The price charged is not always a reflection of the quality of service you will get. There are professional services that might charge you more and offer less than desirable services, while smaller more vigorous and satisfactory companies might charge you less.

Before hiring, make sure the company is a professional cleaning company with a good reputation and enough reviews. If possible, opt for services that offer free quotes with satisfaction guarantees. That way, you’re protected against any shortcomings.

Also, companies that offer full written contracts and protect themselves and your company from liability are the best options. A quick chat with their customer support is a great hint at the quality of service you should expect going forward and finally, check if the cleaner is a registered business entity and is licensed.

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