High Level Cleaning in Sheffield

High level cleans is a specialist cleaning service that should only be carried by qualified cleaning experts. If you need a high-level cleaning job done on your business, get in touch with us today for our comprehensive high-level cleaning in Sheffield.

Food and processing plant Cleaning

In the food and processing industry, contaminants can be a big problem. The slightest dust or dirt from the ceiling can have disastrous results in losses in time and production. Every food and processing plant needs to be thoroughly cleaned often to prevent such scenarios from happening. With our skills, equipment and experience, we can help you keep things clean and tidy.

Our services will help to degrease equipment, sanitizing the food grade crates and tables and disinfecting all surfaces. We know how important it is to make sure the job is done to the highest standards and our teams are up to the task.

For food and processing plants, we always use safe and effective cleaning products that are safe to people and the environment. With our high level cleans services, you have a reliable cleaning partner that will look out for the cleanliness and hygiene of your plant as you worry about production.

Industrial machinery and plant cleaning

Our high-level cleaning in Sheffield services is available for industrial machinery and plant equipment. We can help you get rid of dirt, dust, oil and other particles that might affect the performance of your computer or contaminate your products.

We have a wide range of equipment and a highly qualified and experienced cleaning team that can guarantee the best results after the cleaning has been done. Even with industries, we have to be careful about the products we use. We want you to have the best cleaning results but not at the expense of safety.

Why Choose Us?

Customised cleaning - It’s not every day you will need everything is given a scrub down and every time. We understand that and that is why we offer customised deep cleaning packages to our clients. With our customised cleaning services, you only pay for the services you use. You optimise your budget while getting as much as possible from our unique cleaning services.

We Follow Safety protocols - We understand how important safety is when handling high level cleans, that is why we follow all the health and safety policies and procedures to ensure we don’t contaminate the equipment or your products. We also have a comprehensive checklist that we use to make sure we get to all the areas you want to be cleaned.

24 Hour operation - We don’t want to hamper your operations or slow your business down. That's why we offer a 24-hour operation for all our clients. You can schedule to have the cleaning down at your slowest times, so your business is not affected.

Affordable and competitive rates - At CHOR Services, we believe in offering our clients value for their services. Even with our high-quality services, our prices are affordable and competitive. With reasonable rates, your business finds it easier to get the cleaning assistance it needs to stay within the regulations.

Our cleaning services include Builders Cleans, Canopy Cleaning, Clinical Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, High-Level Cleaning, Kitchen Extraction Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning and more.