Gym Cleaning in Sheffield

Fitness centres and gyms have some trust and levels of intimacy with their clients. These levels of intimacy and trust are almost unmatched in most service and retail industries. Because of this, clients have some expectations of fitness centres including a high level of cleanliness. CHOR Services in the past ten years has mastered the art of cleaning and meets the growing demand for gym cleaning solutions with high-end cleaning technologies to improve the quality of service we offer.

People using the gym want to star in great shape and healthy. Part of the fitness and health journey includes working out in a space that is free of viruses and bacteria. And let’s face it, with everyone sweating profusely and sharing gym equipment, wiping down surfaces with a cloth and cleaning solution will not cut it.

The surfaces (including door handles) need tougher cleaning solutions to kill microorganisms like the flu and cold virus. If your clients are always picking up germs and falling sick, they will stop coming, and your gym will earn a bad reputation in the industry.

We have just the right solutions to kill germs and leave your space sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Gym memberships are expensive. And for anyone to spend their hard-earned money on your gym, they must be sold to your service and love the ambience of the space. The staff and equipment make up a huge portion of this. For this reason, we not only clean surfaces and equipment inside the gym, we also attend to the reception, the showers and the hallway.

Many people use heart rate sensors in a day. Each person leaves behind sweat and dry skin. With time, the dry skin and sweat accumulate and prevent the sensors from efficiently. This can lead to machine breakdown and expensive repairs.

But you can prevent this by hiring us. We shall ensure the machinery is dust-free and the sensors are cleaned regularly.

What sets CHOR Gym Cleaning Services apart?

  • We disinfect surfaces – We not only clean but also go the extra mile to disinfect surfaces. The products we use eliminate 99% of bacteria and create a safe environment. They don’t leave sticky residues or exude harsh fumes.

We keep bathrooms and changing rooms in top-notch condition – our staff is highly skilled to identify areas prone to have lots of bacteria and proceed to get rid of them.

  • Insured – All our cleaning services are insured. As such, even if any equipment is damaged, we shall cater to the replacement or repair expenses. However, our staff is careful, and you don’t expect to have cases of malfunction or breakdown because of our products.
  • Experience – We have been offering cleaning services for ten years. During this time, we have honed our cleaning skills and learnt tips and tricks that allow us to complete cleaning projects faster. Also, we know how to get the job done without disrupting your daily routine.

CHOR Services is ready to offer you quality gym cleaning services at an affordable price. Also, we have a host of cleaning services for Café, residential and commercial premises.