Graffiti Removal in Sheffield

Graffiti can negatively impact the prospective clients have on your business. CHOR Services runs a number of steam cleaning trailers that are safe for the environment but effective in removing graffiti in Sheffield. We have a trained team of graffiti removers who understand how important it is to limit the use of chemicals unless absolutely necessary.

We can work on both private and commercial properties and we ensure that all the chemical waste generated when we are removing graffiti is properly contained and disposed of in the right way. In our 10 years of experience in the cleaning world, we have met all kinds of challenges and we can guarantee the best possible results.

We understand that we need to take caution, especially when working in the street and near electrical equipment and we have machines that allow us to adapt our graffiti removal to the challenges and situations we are facing.

To help our customers make the most out of our service, we offer a free no-obligation site survey which also allows us to assess the kind of paint used on the cleaning supplies needed to get rid of it.  We offer high-quality graffiti removal services with the help of our graffiti removal experts. Even if you have a few storeys that you would like to remove you can count on our capacity, training, and experience to get the job done.

Our graffiti removal services are available for

  • Schools
  • Railway stations
  • Bus stations
  • Warehouses
  • Factory
  • Sporting facilities
  • Hotel
  • Fire stations

And other private and public facilities.

We have experience working on numerous surfaces which include;

  • Pebble dashing
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Shutters
  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Glass

Why Choose our Services

If you’re looking for a graffiti removals in Sheffield service, here are some of the reasons why you should consider us for the job.

100% customer satisfaction – our job is only done when you’re happy with the results. We have a team of talented and highly experienced graffiti removal experts and state of the art machines that will ensure you get the best results and that can remove any type of unwanted markings on a variety of surfaces. Our removals teams are closely supervised to make sure they do a great job on all our calls.

We care about the environment – our goal is to not only leave good looking premises but a healthy and productive environment as well. We do our best to limit the use of chemicals for graffiti removals. In most cases, we use steam and pressure cleaning. However, in some instances, chemicals might be required. In such cases, we make sure all the products and chemicals used are properly handled and disposed of in the right way to prevent damage to the environment.

Experience – when dealing with something as sensitive as graffiti, you want a service that understands the demands and requirements of the field. It is not only about removing the markings and restoring the surfaces but understanding what products to use at what time and how to do so without interfering with the environment or the community. With over 10 years offering graffiti removal services, you can’t ask for a more suited partner for the job than CHOR Services.

Our cleaning services include Builders Cleans, Canopy Cleaning, Clinical Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, High-Level Cleaning, Kitchen Extraction Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning and more.