10 Facts About Sheffield You Won’t Believe!

Home to over 600,000 people, Steel city, is one of the most remarkable destinations in the UK. It also happens to be one of the most interesting cities in the UK. It has impressive facts some that you might not know and will blow your mind away.

Here are some facts about Sheffield you won’t believe!

  1. Cows caused chaos in Crosspool

Probably one of the most bizarre Saturday mornings for residents of Crosspool was waking up in the morning to find their lawns invaded by herds of cattle. The cows had escaped from a field and made their march along the Redmires Road. The startled residents shared photos of the cows before the runaway cows were rounded up and safely returned home.

  1. Sheffield has more trees per person than any city in Europe

Sheffield residents might be oblivious to global warming given the dedication of the city to green energy and conserving the environment. The city has over two million trees and even won the 2005 Florale completion for its rich vegetation.

The city has over 170 woodlands, 78 public parks, 10 parks and 52 square miles of national park. To put the wealth of trees in Sheffield to perspective, the city has four trees for every individual which is quite impressive.

  1. The city runs on recycled energy

Sheffield has a district energy system that uses domestic waste to produce thermal energy which is converted to electricity and hot water. Over 225,000 tons of waste each year produces about 19 megawatts and 60 megawatts of thermal energy.

The city distributes the water through 25 miles of underground pipes around the city connected to different buildings around the city.

  1. Residents sing Christmas carols at pubs

Sheffield just loves doing things differently. Christmas carols in this great city are sung at pubs with a hearty mug of beer in your hands. Nothing better than to celebrate the joyous occasion with friends while loading up on pints of beer.

The unique choice of location is not the only different thing about carols. Most of the Christmas carols sung in Sheffield are unique to the city and you won’t find them anywhere else or at any other times of the year.

The tradition is so popular that carollers are even accompanied by brass bands to give the occasion a dice of spice.

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  1. The steel used in the Brooklyn Bridge was forged in Sheffield

What does Sheffield and the Brooklyn Bridge have in common? Well, the steel! Supposedly, the steel used to make the iconic structure was forged in Sheffield. Given how popular Sheffield was as a metal market back in the day, it makes perfect sense that the steel used in one of the most breathtaking architectural feats was forged in Steel City.

  1. Runners once took part in a cancelled marathon in Sheffield

Sheffield facts are both bizarre and funny. Imagine taking part in a marathon that is not happening. Well, if this could happen in anywhere in the world, it makes sense it happened in Sheffield.

In 2014, a half marathon scheduled to take place in Sheffield was cancelled after chaotic scenes unfolded. Just before the marathon kicked off, the organisers of the event found out their water supplier had bailed and their efforts to get enough water to keep the runners hydrated were futile. The organiser had no other option but to cancel the event.

Apparently, water wasn’t the only challenge the organiser was facing. A chunk of the runners didn’t hear the announcement of the cancellation and instead set off running!

  1. The World Water Bombing Championships

How would you like to take part in competitive sports filled with fun while giving back to the community? Sheffield residents live for the annual Water Bombing championships.

The event takes place at Ponds Forge. Participants in fancy dresses chuck themselves off a diving board into a pool. The aim is to make the biggest splash possible. The bench of ten judges also considers the bravery and showmanship of each participant.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, the proceeds of this odd but fun event go to support a cancer charity.

  1. Sheffield United are the world’s oldest football team

Football in the UK is a staple. It has strong roots with some of the greatest teams in the world like Manchester United and Arsenal hosted in the UK. While these teams enjoy the limelight, the Sheffield Blades were the first football team in the world.

The team was founded in 1857 and has won four FA cup titles in its reign. It’s another great first for Sheffield in a long line of impressive and unique fetes the city is known for.

  1. Sheffield has been voted the UK’s most popular destination among students

With a rich and free-spirited culture, fun activities, pubs, and clubs along the west and Carver streets, it’s not a wonder that most students prefer to come to Sheffield to study.

Other than the world-class institutions the city boasts of, there are the £1 Jagger bombs that are hard to ignore and favourite among the students.

  1. More than half of the world’s surgical blades are produced in Sheffield

The steel industry in Sheffield might not be what it used to be. But, it’s still very vibrant and strong. So much so that Sheffield produces as much as half of the world’s surgical blades used in hospitals. This incredible fact shows the impact this city has all across the world helping save lives by making high-quality steel products.

Whether you’re looking to stay in Sheffield or start working in Sheffield, there’s plenty to look out for here. The city has many firsts and interesting facts that are captivating and equally bizarre in nature.

Sheffield offers a unique blend of nature and modernity which even the most advanced cities in the world have failed to balance. These facts are just a hint of how interesting and fun life in Sheffield can be.

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