Coronavirus Office Cleaning Tips

COVID-19 Coronavirus was recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) because of how fast it is spreading and the severity of the symptoms.

In a bid to slow down the spread of the viruses, numerous measures have been put in place among them requiring employees to work from home.

In professions where you need a skeleton staff in the office, there are also measures you can take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and keep your employees safe.

Clean and disinfect the tables, desks, workspaces and other surfaces in the office

Like other coronaviruses that cause the seasonal flu influenza, the novel coronaviruses that brings COVID-19 is susceptible to soap and water, alcohol-based cleaners and bleach. These four items make the basis of your first line of defence against contamination and spread of the virus.

It’s vital to keep all tabletops, office phones and other equipment like printers and keyboards thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Keeping all the workspaces around the office cleaned and disinfected not only kills the viruses but prevents contamination of your employees and your customers.

The walls and the railings

COVID-19 Coronavirus is spread through droplets and touching surfaces contaminated with droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person. Because of the size of the walls, they make a great landing spot for such droplets.

Railings, on the other hand, are heavily used and for most people, using the railing for support when going up a flight of stairs is second nature.

It’s essential to make sure these surfaces are cleaned and regularly disinfected. The frequency of disinfecting depending on how heavily they are used. However, once every other hour should suffice for office spaces that are not used too frequently.

Provide hand sanitiser and handwashing stations around the office

The virus uses the hands as the primary mode of transport. While it’s possible to contract the virus when an infected person coughs or sneezes and the droplets land on your mouth, nose or eyes, hands are the main channel of contamination used by the virus.

The hands are always touching surfaces and items. This is why continually washing your hands or using a sanitizer when you don’t have water and soap readily available is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of the virus.

Ensure you have plenty of handwashing stations around the office. As an added measure, you can provide the employees with hand sanitisers placed at their desks.

Where possible, have hand sanitizer for your clients and customers when they walk into the office space.

Sensitise the employees

It’s essential to educate the employees on the virus, and the importance of following hygiene guidelines.

Ensure the employees understand why it’s important to sanitise their smartphones, purses, and other items as soon as they get to the office and after every few minutes to avoid contamination.


Using these office cleaning tips, you can reduce the risk of Coronavirus COVID-19 in your office and workspace. Don’t forget to place medical emergency hotlines throughout the office and have employees save them on their phones. In case anyone doesn’t feel well, encourage them to stay at home and call any of the emergency numbers for assistance.

Keep safe and get in touch with our commercial cleaning team in Sheffield.

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