Contract Cleaning in Rotherham

Most companys think that not hiring professional contract cleaners will save them money. But on the contrary, not doing so leads to more expenses. From a different perspective, not hiring a contract cleaner can be considered as cutting corners which ends in mediocre results.

Luckily, Chor Services is here to the rescue. As a cleaning company, we are thorough and offer contract cleaning services in Rotherham to all kinds of businesses.

Reduce overall cleaning costs

Neglecting cleanliness in the office can have adverse effects on the employees. First, it could demoralize them and second, it could cause illness and affect their overall productivity. With reduced productivity, the business will lose clients and will realize reduced profits if not losses.

With Chor Services contract cleaning you can rest assured all surfaces including walls, air ducts, floors, tiles, tables and chairs will be sparking. The air will be fresh, and pests will have no place to hide. In turn, employee morale, productivity, and profits will improve.

High-tech cleaning equipment

Though your business is thriving, it is not wise to use some of the money to purchase cleaning equipment. Why? Well, the equipment will be a liability as it will not be ‘working’ for the business.

But for a cleaning company, purchasing high-end equipment is the best move. The equipment helps us to clean faster and thoroughly. Moreover, it allows the company to handle multiple clients, and in the end, it will earn back its cost of purchase. With our high tech and efficient cleaning equipment, we shall leave the cleanest surfaces you’ve ever seen.


With improved equipment, skilled and experienced cleaners, we clean offices, factories, warehouses and schools in record time. If you choose to clean the workspace yourself, it means you will lose time you would have otherwise spent completing business activities that rake in profits. And since cleaning is hard work, you should factor in the recovery period.

Hiring us will free you to complete tasks that are most important to the business and that directly rake in profits. You will always be fresh to follow leads and close deals. Do not buy into the fallacy of being a jack of all trade or a DIY master - it pays to outsource some activities.

Why choose our contract cleaning services?

  • Insured – our team is always careful when cleaning your space. However, accidents do happen. And when they do, we use our insurance to cover the loss incurred.
  • Affordable – we strive to have affordable and competitive prices in the UK market. After all, you are a business and need to make a profit as well.
  • Friendly customer support – though our cleaning process is straight-forward, we have a friendly customer support staff on standby to respond to any queries you might have.
  • Varied cleaning services – aside from contract cleaning, we offer a range of cleaning services, including event cleaning, restaurant cleaning, air duct cleaning, and more.

If you need a professional contract cleaner in Rotherham, get in touch with us today for a quick consultation.