Conservatory Roof Cleaning Guide

There’s no better way to complete a busy day at the office than sipping your evening cup of tea while enjoying the unobstructed view under your conservatory roof.

While the views are mind-blowing, you can’t avoid noticing the dust, leaves, and stains that are slowly creeping up on your beautiful roof. You need to do something about it!

In this quick guide, you will learn how to safely clean your conservatory roof and keep it in the best shape possible, even without professional help.

All types of conservatory roof need to be cleaned at least once every four months. In most cases, you will not need a lot of cleaning products. But for the finishing, the products you need depend on the material you have on your roof.

Safety Equipment

Before you jump up on the roof, you have to stock up on safety gear. Cleaning the roof is a dangerous task and you need to take utmost protection and caution while working up there. Some of the items you need before going up on the roof include:

  • Helmet
  • Working gloves
  • Crawl board

Once you have the safety gear in place, you also need a few tips to keep in mind. These will keep you safe.

  • Don’t walk or kneel on the roof. You should use crawl boards to distribute the pressure. The roof can easily get damaged if you walk on it and the repair bill can be hefty.
  • If you don’t have roof access, use a tower fixed scaffolding to get to the roof. You can only use a ladder if there’s a concrete surface to support it near the top. Placing the ladder against the roof or gutters increases chances of damaging the roof and it’s also easier for the ladder to slip while you’re on it.
  • Take the utmost care when working on the roof. Particularly when it’s wet. If possible use a water-fed brush and have professionals go up on the roof when necessary.

Tools you need

Now that you have all the safety tips you need to work on the conservatory roof, here are the tools you need when cleaning:

  • A ladder
  • Bucket
  • Conservatory cleaning products
  • A brush
  • A telescopic cleaner with a squeegee
  • A PVC cleaner for the frame

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How to clean a conservatory roof

With all the cleaning tools, products, safety gear, and tips, you’re ready to get your roof squeaky clean.

Remember to be extra cautious. Conservatory roof surfaces are fragile and things can go terribly wrong fast.

Prepare the solution

Before going up on the roof, fill your bucket with lukewarm water. Don’t overfill it since you have to carry it up.

Most conservatory roof materials require warm soapy water for cleaning. But, if you have some preferred conservatory cleaning products, you can add them to the water to make a cleaning solution.

Read the instruction on the detergent box to get the correct ratio to make the solution. Only use mild detergents that will not damage the finishing.

Set the telescopic pole

It’s safer to clean the roof from the ground, especially when you don’t have all the safety gear required. A telescopic pole will make the task easier and safer.

Attach the brush and the squeegee on both sides of the telescopic pole. Position the ladder on the appropriate side of the conservatory depending on where you want to start. Make sure the ladder doesn’t touch the roof or the gutters. Since you will be up there for some time, make sure all contact points of the ladder are completely stable.

Make sure you also have your helmet and work gloves before going up on the ladder. Safety is a priority in such a task.

Washing the roof

To clean the roof, dip the brush side of your telescopic pole into the bucket. Go up the ladder and gently brush the surface of the roof. A soft-bristled brush works best and doesn’t scratch the surface of the roofing material.

Wiping the roof

Once you’re done scrubbing, switch to the squeegee side of the pole and wipe away the foam from one side to the other. Keep repeating this step until the surface is free of foam.

To guarantee a spotless roof, you might want to repeat these steps a few times, replacing the cleaning water in the bucket after a few dips. This will help to avoid dirty streaks once the roof dries.

Cleaning the frames

Don’t forget to give the frames some tender love and care for a clean look. For the frame, you need a PVC cleaner. It’s best to address the frame after you’re done cleaning the windows.

To clean the frames, use a cloth or the recommended cleaning tool depending on the type of PVC cleaning solution you chose.

Once the cleaning is done, let the windows air dry for the best results.

To keep the windows in the best possible condition, you should use finishing products. These protect the material against weather aspects like exposure to sunlight.

The finishing product of choice depends on the material used on your conservatory. For glass surfaces, use a proprietary glass cleaner and for polycarbonate, you can use a solvent-free or alkali-free household detergent.

A few tips to keep in mind

  • Don’t clean the window when it’s too hot. The windows will dry quickly leaving water drop marks and streak lines on the surface.
  • Make sure you only use tools and cleaning agents recommended for the type of material used to make your conservatory.
  • Don’t use abrasive agents. They will damage the finish of the material. Baking soda is also considered abrasive.
  • Don’t clean the conservatory on rainy days
  • Cleaning is best left for afternoons when the sun is not hot, but, you still have ample natural light to work with.

After following this quick guide, you should have an excellent conservatory roof that you can enjoy your evening tea under without the nuisance of the dust and leaves obstructing the superb view.

Once in a while, you need to get in touch with a professional cleaner to get rid of the tough stains and restore the glory of your roof. But, cleaning it once every four months will save you money when the cleaner comes in.

If you are anxious about cleaning your conservatory roof, get in touch with us today. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services in Sheffield including High-Level Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning and more!

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