Communal Cleaning in Sheffield

You might be a clean freak in your flat, but there’s so much you can do for the shared spaces on the block that do not meet your expected level of cleanliness. And honestly, communal areas in flats are the most neglected. Most flat owners are concerned with these spaces because they know they can crush the desirability and value of the property and in some extreme cases even be a health hazard.

The biggest problem usually is one person’s clean is another man’s dirty depending on the levels of cleanliness. Luckily for you, CHOR Services can help. We have comprehensive communal cleaning services that will help improve the cleanliness of communal spaces and in the process improve the perceived value of the property.

Our communal cleaning services include cleaning, disinfecting dusting, hoover, and polishing areas, including kitchens, hallways, stairways, and communal living spaces. We also offer:

  • Janitorial supplies
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Washroom services

To conduct a thorough cleaning, we feel it’s essential to choose the right company. As a professional in the cleaning industry we:

Have a detailed cleaning schedule

If your building has excellent management, a detailed cleaning schedule will come in to improve the cleaning standard. We shall work out the cleaning schedule with the landlord or property agent to help avoid inconveniences during the cleaning process and also ensure every cleaning need and detail is covered.

And even better, the cleaning schedule is reviewed often to ensure that the cleaning is done right and changes as the needs of the flat changes.

Clean regularly

If the flat is not being cleaned regularly, it’s easy for the cleanliness to get out of hand. What starts as something annoying can quickly escalate into a health concern. For example, rubbish left in the shared spaces for prolonged periods can attract vermin and insects, and dirty floors and door handles are the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Though we offer regular cleaning, it doesn’t mean that we bleach the communal space every week. Some cleaning tasks are done every few weeks and others after a couple of months — for instance, deep cleaning carpets and window cleaning. As a company, our priority is that the right cleaning jobs are done at the appointed time.

A cleaning record

You lead busy lives juggling between jobs, school, and parenting. Because of this, you might not always see the staff cleaning. However, with our staff, you can rest assured that a good job will be done. Our staff is well trained to work without supervision. To top it off, they put up a cleaning record sheet which they sign every time they complete their tasks. This way it’s easier to keep track of the progress.

But with all that said, why should you hire us?

  • Accredited – though most people take cleaning lightly, we don’t. We have done our best to acquire relevant accreditations in the industry. These accreditations include the ahcp, CHAS, and BICSc.
  • We are insured – yes, with our cleaning services, you can relax and let the professionals work. And in the unfortunate event, something is damaged, we shall be held liable and cater to the costs. But even then, we take necessary precautions to ensure no damage is sustained.
  • Experience – we have been offering cleaning services to clients in the UK for a long time. Courtesy of our experience, we’ve fine-tuned our cleaning process and come up with systems that work efficiently without disrupting your daily lives.