Commercial Floor Cleaning in Sheffield

Did you just have your floor re-done or you're just looking to restore the shine on your floor, CHOR Services can help. Whether it’s a restaurant, a bar, commercial property or even a school, our commercial floor cleaning in Sheffield service will have your floors looking as good as new in no time.  We have over ten years of cleaning experience so you can be rest assured that we will meet your high cleaning standards and surpass them. With CHOR Services, you and your floor are assured of first-class cleaning treatment.

We are one of Sheffield’s most trusted commercial cleaning company. We have provided our exemplary cleaning services to hundreds of clients over the years. Our understanding of the different types of floors ensures that your floors are always taken care off and we always use the right cleaning products for the right type of floor.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Because of their durable nature, stone floors can be easily forgotten. Dirt and grime and pile on the floor and conceal the actual colour of the stone floor. Our excellent cleaning services can help to yield impressive results when deep cleaning stone floors on the first visit revealing the beautiful floor that has been lying under the layers of dirt.

Even when deep cleaning stone floors, we understand how important it is to safeguard the integrity of the floor. We have a wide range of special cleaning equipment and cleaning agents that we use to get rid of the dirt while protecting the quality of the stone floor.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are an important addition to any commercial space. They insulate against noise and keep the floor comfortable. If they are not properly cleaned, they can present health concerns to all the people in the building. They carry dust mites and harmful allergens that can cause sickness and make the workplace inhabitable.

We provide floor carpet cleaning services using industrial cleaners that pick up and remove everything from tape marks, food stains and even chewing gum. Our commercial carpet cleaning methods will not only keep the carpet clean but also extend its life.

Marble floor cleaning

When commercial spaces are looking for a wow factor in their homes, they go for marble floors. However, while the beauty is not in doubt, they stain easily and are very sensitive to acids. They require specialist cleaning and equipment to keep them clean. We use pH-neutral cleaning agents for marble floors. Our honing and polishing methods ensure the floor regain their shine and original quality.

Wooden Floors

Commercial spaces with parquet floor can also get in touch with us for our commercial floor cleaning services. Even though wooden floors might appear hardy and tough, a lot of care is needed when cleaning such floors to prevent damage. With the help of our experienced crew, we can help you restore the glory of your wooden floors using special machines and cleaning products that are effective yet gentle on the floor.

Concrete floor cleaning

Concrete floors are quite popular and found in most public buildings. Because of their easy to clean nature, they usually get very little attention. Whether your concrete floor has been stained or you have moved things around and want to get a uniform look, you can get in touch with us. We have unique cleaning methods and equipment that will help to restore the floor.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Impeccable results on the first visit – we have perfected the art of commercial floor cleaning and we can assure our clients that we can offer them quality and noticeable results on the first visit even on severely damaged floors.
  • We care – we will not only get your floors sparkling and bustling with life, but we will also extend their longevity and ensure they can serve you for the longest time possible.
  • Affordable pricing – At CHOR Services we always want our clients to be able to afford our services. We have competitive and affordable rates that offer the best value for money.

Our cleaning services include Builders Cleans, Canopy Cleaning, Clinical Cleaning, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, High-Level Cleaning, Kitchen Extraction Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning and more.