10 Facts About Sheffield You Won’t Believe!

Home to over 600,000 people, Steel city, is one of the most remarkable destinations in the UK. It also happens to be one of the most interesting cities in the UK. It has impressive facts some that you might not know and will blow your mind away.

Here are some facts about Sheffield you won’t believe!

  1. Cows caused chaos in Crosspool

Probably one of the most bizarre Saturday mornings for residents of Crosspool was waking up in the morning to find their lawns invaded by herds of cattle. The cows had escaped from a field and made their march along the Redmires Road. The startled residents shared photos of the cows before the runaway cows were rounded up and safely returned home.

  1. Sheffield has more trees per person than any city in Europe

Sheffield residents might be oblivious to global warming given the dedication of the city to green energy and conserving the environment. The city has over two million trees and even won the 2005 Florale completion for its rich vegetation.

The city has over 170 woodlands, 78 public parks, 10 parks and 52 square miles of national park. To put the wealth of trees in Sheffield to perspective, the city has four trees for every individual which is quite impressive.

  1. The city runs on recycled energy

Sheffield has a district energy system that uses domestic waste to produce thermal energy which is converted to electricity and hot water. Over 225,000 tons of waste each year produces about 19 megawatts and 60 megawatts of thermal energy.

The city distributes the water through 25 miles of underground pipes around the city connected to different buildings around the city.

  1. Residents sing Christmas carols at pubs

Sheffield just loves doing things differently. Christmas carols in this great city are sung at pubs with a hearty mug of beer in your hands. Nothing better than to celebrate the joyous occasion with friends while loading up on pints of beer.

The unique choice of location is not the only different thing about carols. Most of the Christmas carols sung in Sheffield are unique to the city and you won’t find them anywhere else or at any other times of the year.

The tradition is so popular that carollers are even accompanied by brass bands to give the occasion a dice of spice.

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  1. The steel used in the Brooklyn Bridge was forged in Sheffield

What does Sheffield and the Brooklyn Bridge have in common? Well, the steel! Supposedly, the steel used to make the iconic structure was forged in Sheffield. Given how popular Sheffield was as a metal market back in the day, it makes perfect sense that the steel used in one of the most breathtaking architectural feats was forged in Steel City.

  1. Runners once took part in a cancelled marathon in Sheffield

Sheffield facts are both bizarre and funny. Imagine taking part in a marathon that is not happening. Well, if this could happen in anywhere in the world, it makes sense it happened in Sheffield.

In 2014, a half marathon scheduled to take place in Sheffield was cancelled after chaotic scenes unfolded. Just before the marathon kicked off, the organisers of the event found out their water supplier had bailed and their efforts to get enough water to keep the runners hydrated were futile. The organiser had no other option but to cancel the event.

Apparently, water wasn’t the only challenge the organiser was facing. A chunk of the runners didn’t hear the announcement of the cancellation and instead set off running!

  1. The World Water Bombing Championships

How would you like to take part in competitive sports filled with fun while giving back to the community? Sheffield residents live for the annual Water Bombing championships.

The event takes place at Ponds Forge. Participants in fancy dresses chuck themselves off a diving board into a pool. The aim is to make the biggest splash possible. The bench of ten judges also considers the bravery and showmanship of each participant.

And the fun doesn’t stop there, the proceeds of this odd but fun event go to support a cancer charity.

  1. Sheffield United are the world’s oldest football team

Football in the UK is a staple. It has strong roots with some of the greatest teams in the world like Manchester United and Arsenal hosted in the UK. While these teams enjoy the limelight, the Sheffield Blades were the first football team in the world.

The team was founded in 1857 and has won four FA cup titles in its reign. It’s another great first for Sheffield in a long line of impressive and unique fetes the city is known for.

  1. Sheffield has been voted the UK’s most popular destination among students

With a rich and free-spirited culture, fun activities, pubs, and clubs along the west and Carver streets, it’s not a wonder that most students prefer to come to Sheffield to study.

Other than the world-class institutions the city boasts of, there are the £1 Jagger bombs that are hard to ignore and favourite among the students.

  1. More than half of the world’s surgical blades are produced in Sheffield

The steel industry in Sheffield might not be what it used to be. But, it’s still very vibrant and strong. So much so that Sheffield produces as much as half of the world’s surgical blades used in hospitals. This incredible fact shows the impact this city has all across the world helping save lives by making high-quality steel products.

Whether you’re looking to stay in Sheffield or start working in Sheffield, there’s plenty to look out for here. The city has many firsts and interesting facts that are captivating and equally bizarre in nature.

Sheffield offers a unique blend of nature and modernity which even the most advanced cities in the world have failed to balance. These facts are just a hint of how interesting and fun life in Sheffield can be.

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7 Best Places to Live in Sheffield

Are you thinking of moving to Sheffield? Or maybe you recently got transferred and are looking for the best neighbourhoods to start your life. Sheffield is home to over half a million citizens in a geographically diverse and very vibrant city. As the leading office cleaning in Sheffield we know the best places to live in Sheffield.

Depending on the kind of life you’re looking to lead, Sheffield has the perfect spot for you. It has areas that are awash with students, neighbourhoods perfect for young professionals without families and also areas for the family man looking for a quiet place to bring up children.

  1. Paul’s

St Pauls is not the place it used to be anymore. It recently got re-developed and has become one of the best cities to live in if you want a locality bustling with life and activity. St Paul’s offers its residents easy access to the largest market in the city ‘The Moor Market’ and it happens to be well connected to the larger city.

From St Paul, you can visit the Sheffield Cathedral and Peace Garden offering a rich cultural experience to anyone who decides to make this robust city their new home. The centrality of the city is something that students, young professionals and families will love about St. Paul. If you don’t have a car, St. Paul is close to Sheffield Station so you can make easy train connections to cities like Manchester and London. The train station is also connected to Manchester Airport.

  1. Fulwood

Located just 3 miles west of the city centre is a suburb that was once known as home to the steel magnates of the 19th century. This low-key neighbourhood is perfect for families and people that want to lead a quiet life. It is packed with greenery and just a stone throw away from the countryside. It gives a unique balance between city life with its amenities and the greenery and clean air give it that touch of the countryside life.

The suburb has plenty of pubs, live music joints and local brews to keep residents who are looking for some occasional fun and action occupied and hooked.

Notable features around here include the Peak District National Park with plenty of activities like hiking, camping and cycling.

With prestigious schools, golf and tennis clubs this is the perfect part of the city for residents who love spacious living with easy and fast access to central Sheffield.

  1. Dore

Dore is one of Sheffield city’s most beautiful and historically affluent suburbs. Real estate prices have kept most of Sheffield residents away from this beauty. If you have some money to splash, this would be a great place to spend it.

It’s about six miles west of the city centre and just 15 minutes from central Sheffield. Until the early 1930s, it was part of Derbyshire.  Since then, it has grown to become quiet with a small-town feel. It’s the perfect place if you want to rub shoulders with the elite in Sheffield. While here, you have access to a broad range of facilities for all ages and interests. You have access to a train station which makes it easier to access other nearby cities.

  1. Crookes

Want to live in Sheffield’s most vibrant location? It doesn’t get better than Crookes. It’s suited close to the University of Sheffield so it’s frequented by students with the feeling of a quail and tranquil location. It has a web of leafy trees lining the streets and an elevated altitude.

The large student population means clubs, restaurants, and bars. It also means that Crookes if livelier and more vibrant than most of the other places in Sheffield.

As a resident of Crookes, you will be surrounded by singles, young professionals and students. You will not be short of amenities. What’s more, it’s just a 20-minute walk from Sheffield City Centre. Proximity to the Crookes Valley Park and the Botanical Gardens, both of which are favourite weekend getaways are other reasons why you should consider Crookes as your new home.

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  1. Broomhill

Familiarity is the most appealing thing about Broomhill. Even though most people living here eventually cross over to Crookes, Broomhill has its own collection of the features that will have you hanging around. It has a variety of appealing eateries, the convenience of numerous supermarkets, fashion outlets and pubs.

Compared to Crookes, Broomhill offers more spacious living making it catchy for not only students but also young professionals who are branching out.

  1. Upperthorpe

For potential residents looking for a vibrant neighbourhood without as many students, Upperthorpe is it.  It’s down the hill from Crookesmoor and adjacent to the Ponderosa Park. There are many families here who have made this their home but, you will also find a sizeable student community.

Houses here are cheaper and bigger compared to Crookesmoor and there are plenty of shops and takeaways from the person looking for a simple but fast life.

  1. Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is rich with pubs and cocktail bars which are synonymous with student populations as you would guess. Living here means you’re spoilt for choice. The Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park are just around the corner and both offer plenty of relaxing natural spaces where you can go to unwind or have some fun with your family.

In this locality, lavishness and convenience live in unison. Everything you need is probably within a 10-minute stroll making it the perfect place to be for anyone that loves the proximity to amenities.

Living in Sheffield comes with a wide range of benefits. Being here means you can enjoy different cultures and neighbourhoods. It’s like being in a small country in each of the different areas. With so much to choose from, make sure you take time when picking the best place for you to live in Sheffield.


How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost

For any business, the cost of hiring an office cleaning service is their primary concern. While keeping the office space clean is necessary, if the price is not right, the business can think of alternatives that are cheaper even though the results might not be as pristine.

As the leading commercial cleaning company in Sheffield, most potential clients will ask how much office cleaning costs before they can proceed to vet the qualities of the service.

Typically, each office cleaning service has its rates. But their quote is usually affected by a number of key factors that they have to consider to make the business feasible for them and provide you with quality services. These factors include;

Size of the office

The size of your office is the primary factor when quoting the cost of office cleaning. Large offices will cost more because they have more space that needs cleaning and usually, they tend to hold more equipment, which also needs attention.

Some larger offices even have bathrooms which increase the floor space that needs cleaning not to mention additional services like restocking the toiletries. In most cases, the cost of cleaning is divided depending on the size (in square feet) of the office.

A smaller office takes less time to clean with fewer areas that require attention. As such, smaller offices are generally cheaper to clean.

Some of the more prudent cleaners will charge per square foot. On paper, this might look like a more expensive approach, but it makes sure that a foot paid for is a foot cleaned and might result in significant savings for the client.

The time it takes to clean the office

The time it takes to clean your office will also affect the cost. Most professional cleaners charge by the hour. You can mitigate the time it takes to clean the office by choosing times when the cleaning crew is not strained and doesn’t have to share the floor space with your workers.

If the cleaning crew comes to clean on during your staff’s working time, the cost might be higher because they will take more time to get their job done. Choosing office duty time means both workers and cleaners are disrupted. It’s best to choose after hours. In most cases, cleaning contractors will get the job done in a shorter time saving you some money.

The amount of work needed

When was the last time your office got a good scrub down? Have you had the windows, table tops, common areas and desks cleaned recently? If not, the cost of office cleaning will likely be higher. Having a regularly cleaned office might save your cleaning budget significantly.

Dirtier offices require more time and resources to clean compared to regularly cleaned offices. That’s why the cost of cleaning such an office can be higher.

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Frequency of Cleaning

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Quality of Service

The price charged is not always a reflection of the quality of service you will get. There are professional services that might charge you more and offer less than desirable services, while smaller more vigorous and satisfactory companies might charge you less.

Before hiring, make sure the company is a professional cleaning company with a good reputation and enough reviews. If possible, opt for services that offer free quotes with satisfaction guarantees. That way, you’re protected against any shortcomings.

Also, companies that offer full written contracts and protect themselves and your company from liability are the best options. A quick chat with their customer support is a great hint at the quality of service you should expect going forward and finally, check if the cleaner is a registered business entity and is licensed.

things to do in sheffield

Top 10 Things to do In Sheffield

The fourth largest city in England has more to offer tourists than its history in the steel industry, as an office cleaning company in Sheffield, we love our hometown!. Whether you’re looking to tour on a budget or ready to spend for an exceptional experience, Sheffield has plenty of options that you can consider and ones that will make you want to keep coming back.

The only challenge is going to be choosing which ones to consider and which ones to visit at a later date. But, let’s save you the time and highlight some of the top 10 attractions and things that you can do in Sheffield.

Things to do in Sheffield

  1. Sheffield Botanical Gardens

It’s not every day you make time to go and see a garden full of flowers and plants, but with this 19-acre garden, it is an experience well worth the time. It was established in 1836 and has more than 5,000 different species of plants. When here, the glass houses which house the temperate plants from South Africa, Asia and Australia are a must see as well we the Four Seasons Garden and the Victoria Garden.

Spring is the best time to visit when most of the plants are at full bloom and the kids can run around as they look at the colourful gardens and catch a glimpse of the friendly squirrels. There are also many events staged on the grounds mainly musical and theatrical and they have a café on site just in case you get hungry while on the trip.

  1. Graves Park

This is an excellent spot for some family time. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. For the kids, there is the Graves Park Animal Farm where kids can see rare breeds of farm animals like Llamas and donkeys and when they want to burn off some calories, there are two playgrounds and little trains.

The park which also happens to be the City’s largest public green space has other activities ideal for all like sports which include tennis and soccer and for some bonding, there are nature trails and fishing on site. You can also indulge yourself in a meal at the on-site café in case the hunger pangs catch up!

  1. Visit the Museums and Galleries

Sheffield has so many museums and galleries you will be spoilt for choice. Each of the museums has something different to offer, so the experience is always different. You can start by visiting the National Emergency Services Museum which is considered the world’s largest museum of its kinds. They have more than 50 vintage vehicles which include fire engines, ambulances and police cars all waiting for you to see them.

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You can also visit the Graves Art Gallery and Millennium Gallery both of which promise a one of a kind experience. The Graves Art Gallery was opened in 1934 and features English art from the 18th century. The Millennium Gallery, on the other hand, is for art lovers. It features metal works, design exhibitions and contemporary art. For more art events, you can also pay the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Galleries a visit.

  1. Sheffield Town Hall

This iconic Victorian Hall was built in 1897 and remains the most notable structures in Sheffield. It’s a great place to start your tour. The impressive neo-renaissance building is surrounded by plenty of other attractions at a stone throw distance.

The most exciting features of this Victorian Town Hall building Is the 193-foot high tower with a figure of Vulcan (the blacksmith god) which represents Sheffield’s illustrious past in the steel industry.  Form the town hall, you can easily make your way to a number of museums, the Sheffield City Hall, theatres, and shopping centres.

  1. Go Water Skiing

Sheffield might not have those clear blue beaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little wet when you want. The city has plenty of water to bring on board the same experience that cities with access to coastline can offer.

The closest experience is the Rother Valley Park where you can learn a variety of water sports like water skiing, knee boarding, and wakeboarding. If water sports are not your thing, then you can enjoy a variety of other activities in the park like fishing, sailing, model boating, and archery to name a few.

  1. Go to the Sharrow Lantern Carnival

Now, this is not an experience you would want to miss when you pay a visit to Sheffield. The event only happens once a year, so your timing has to be right if you’re visiting from another city or country. The theme for the lanterns is set before the carnival and on the set date, the lanterns light up the skies of Sheffield.

People in their thousands stroll the streets of Sheffield with workshops held to help people design and make their own lanterns. If you love a good community event, there’s nothing better and more fulfilling than the lantern carnival in Sheffield.

  1. Visit the Peak District

The Peak District is just a 20-minute drive from the city. But, once there, you might think the city is hours away. It’s an immersive countryside filled with lots of greenery and rocks. While here, there are plenty of activities you can take part in. You can take walks, take swims in the wild, visit the country pubs or sit there and take in the therapeutic and breath-taking scenery.

  1. Mingle in a Festival

There are numerous festivals in Sheffield and you’re bound to find one you like. They range from music, literature, and even beer festivals. The most popular is the Tramlines Festival but, if you miss that, there are other worthy alternatives like the Off the Shelf events which is a festival of words that runs for almost an entire month and the Sensoria Festival or the Celluloid Screams which is a horror films festival.

For the foodies, there is the Food Festival as well as a variety of beer festivals. The festivals are so many all you have to do is time the one you’re most interested in and get as much information about it as possible.

  1. Catch a Movie

Like most cities of its stature, Sheffield has a number of cinemas where you can catch the latest acts from all around the world. The best place to catch your favourite film is perhaps the Showroom Cinema which offers a rich variety all year round.

If you prefer something more profound and small scale, the Magic Lantern Film Club, the Five and Dime Picture show and the Handmade Cinema Club are some of the alternative options you have. Each has a unique screening, so you never miss anything. And the Film Unit puts on a second run just in case you didn’t get enough from the first screening.

  1. Sample the Cuisine

Your trip around Sheffield is not complete until you have tried some of the local and fine dining cuisines the best spots in the city have to offer. You might want to take in the experience in bits to avoid being overwhelmed or missing out on the best.

The best place to get local produce is Henderson’s Relish, Cafeology, Seven Hills Bakery and Catherine’s Choice to name a few.

If you’re interested in something a little more complex for your palette, Rafters is the place to be! It’s one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city and their meals are perfectly paired with wines for the full experience.

Sheffield has plenty to offer to both the locals and visiting tourists. It has a little bit of everything that you could be looking for in a fun day out. Whether you’re looking for sports, adventure, knowledge or even bonding, rest assured you will find that and more within the walls of the ‘Steel’ City of Sheffield.

things to do sheffield when raining

Top 10 Things to Do in Sheffield When It’s Raining

CHOR Services has headquarters in Sheffield and we love our hometown! Did you have an action-packed day planned out with the family but the rain rudely interrupted? Don’t let all that planning and the expectations go to waste.  The rain is a little hump on the road and in Sheffield, you can quickly get over it. There are plenty of indoor and other activities that you can consider if it’s raining outside to keep the family bond going.

Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a movie buff, there are plenty of things you can do in Sheffield when it’s raining without getting yourself wet in the process. Here are some of the best!

Countdown of Things to do in Sheffield When Raining

  1. Museum and Galleries Hop

This is the perfect way to spend your time in Sheffield if it’s raining outside. The city is awash with exciting galleries and museums that will keep you entertained and away from the wet outdoors. Top on this list should be to visit the Graves Gallery which is above the Central library. This particular one is free to enter and you can enjoy numerous exhibitions from events all through the year.

Five minutes away from the Sheffield train station you will find in the Millennium Gallery next to the Winter Garden. It plays host to some of the most intriguing arts and designs from local and international artists. Just in case all the art gives you an appetite, you can stop by the Gallery Café for a quick bite before you head off to the next stop.  Some of the top-rated museums you can visit include the Weston Park Museum, National Emergency Services Museum, and the Magna Science Adventure Centre.

  1. Laser Quest Sheffield

Want to soak in some action instead of the raindrops? Stop by Laser Quest Sheffield for your dose of adrenalin pumping action. The facility is open to visitors of all ages and features one of the most exhilarating experiences. Each player suits up in a futuristic suit and carries a laser gun. The games are played in the labyrinth which has catwalks, mazes, fog, music and lights to give you a first-hand battlefront experience.

You can come with your family and friends because the teams can be as big as 24 players and you compete in 20-minute sessions. If you’re alone, don’t worry, you can still have plenty of fun at the Laser Quest since there are formats suitable for all kinds of players.

  1. Thunderballz Limited

This is one of Sheffield’s best-kept secrets. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon away from the rain and even break a sweat. It’s a great place to be if you love contact sports. Generally, the company offers a variety of activities that revolve around orbs made from clear plastic. On a shiny day, you might be lucky to roll down a hill.

But, at Thunderballz, they have an indoor facility that works more like human bumper cars. You wear the orb over your torso and randomly run into other people. It can be a lot of fun when you form teams and try to take each other out.

  1. Go to the Movies

You can never go wrong with a bucket of popcorn, a giant-sized screen, ground shaking sound and a good movie. It’s the perfect way to spend a day when the outdoors are wet. The Light Cinema in Sheffield offers an unbeatable movie watching experience. You can choose from a wide range of theatre, opera and ballet performances through live screenings and recordings. If you’re a lover of arts, this is also going to be the best place for you to be with lots of action, drama and romance in one box tied up with a neat bow and ready for you to enjoy.

You can watch classics like Romeo and Juliet to the most recent and most captivating movies in cinemas from all around the world. If Light Cinemas is packed or doesn’t have what you fancy, you can always check out Odeon Sheffield.

  1. Ponds Forge

Want to get wet away from the rain? The Ponds Forge is the place to be. This one of a kind indoor water sports facility features an Olympic size swimming pool and a surf city leisure pool. To make sure the little ones are not left behind in the fun, they also have a children’s pool.

If you’re not a swimmer, you can go and enjoy the different competitions that take place in the Olympic swimming pool. They also have other exciting activities like aqua aerobics and aqua fusion. Just be sure to check the swimming timetable before you leave to be sure they are accommodating the type of activity you have in mind.

  1. Paradise Island Adventure Golf

This is the perfect place to be if you’re looking to squander away an entire wet afternoon without keeping track of time. The Paradise Island Adventure Golf facility has two adventure courses covering over 14,000 sq. /ft.

An afternoon at this facility will take you from the Caribbean Quay boards, through the sea caves before dumping you on an island desert that filled with palm trees and ruins of the jungle. The courses are littered with exotic animals, statues and carvings, and as if that’s not enough, you still have a golf game to win!

There are two levels of the course and you can decide if you would like to play just one course or go for the kill and enjoy both. If it’s wet outside, this adventure golf course will make sure your day out and about doesn’t go to waste.

  1. Go Out Shopping

The rain can be the perfect excuse to refresh your wardrobe or go out gift shopping for your friends and family. Lucky for you, if you share this brilliant idea, there are plenty of shopping malls in Sheffield and you will be spoilt for choice.

Some of the most popular shopping malls in Sheffield include Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall and Retail Park, Orchard Square Shopping Centre and Meadowhall.

With so many options to choose from not too far away from each other, you will be spoilt for choice and variety. The sheer size of these facilities will ensure you casually take hours and don’t even notice the rain go down. If you’re a spendthrift, you will be making it rain inside the stores.

  1. Awesome Walls Climbing Centre

If you can do something outdoors, in Sheffield, there’s a fair chance that you can also do it indoors and that is what Awesome Walls is all about. The centre offers an adventure and sweat packed experience that will have your blood pumping and your adrenaline running.

The humongous climbing walls with a wide variety of angles and different styles of climbs will keep you occupied for hours as you try to overcome the various challenges. The best part is, you don’t have to be here to compete. You can just come and have fun. But, if you’re also interested in some healthy competition, they have something for you as well.

  1. The Great Escape Game

Here is something you don’t get to do every day. The Great Escape Game is all about putting your mind and teamwork to the test. It is a live escape room experience that blurs the lines between reality and film-like settings with advanced themes that are thought-provoking and extremely pulsating.

You can choose from a variety of iconic rooms to escape from like Alcatraz and the Homicide room. However, it’s important to note that while this is a fascinating place to be, it’s not for the faint-hearted. But definitely, a great place to be!

  1. Spa

So you’re not in the mood for some adventure or sporting action. You don’t feel like taking your mind on a TV-like escape journey and swimming pools are just not for you at the moment. But, it’s certain that you don’t want to stay indoors even with the rain outside. Why not treat yourself to a spa then? The Spa 1877 particularly will pamper you, get you to relax and let the therapeutic sound of raindrops smacking the tarmac add to the spoils of the experience.

The range of services include massages, saunas, tanning, tinting, and a variety of beauty therapy procedures. It’s just what the doctor ordered when you want to sit back, relax and unwind.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do if you’re in Sheffield and the weather is working against. All you need to do is pick out your activities for the day wisely, so you minimise your time outside getting rained on and make the most of your day having fun.