Cinema and Leisure Centre Cleaning in Sheffield

CHOR Services has been offering cleaning solutions for commercial and residential clients for more than ten years. Our time in the industry has helped us to understand the importance of custom made cleaning solutions and the impact a clean space has on customer experience.

And for a business that thrives on being the best cleaning company, first impressions are essential. Aside from understanding the cleaning business as a whole, we also realise that cinema and leisure centres get high traffic (especially walkways, public toilets, food retailing spots and the front of the theatre.

Having clean welcome foyers, bars, ticket booths and other public spaces will help to strengthen the first impression clients get from your business. As a professional and experienced cleaning service provider, we shall work and support your business to offer a better experience. We can handle normal workdays and busy periods during Christmas, and school holidays and film premiers.

We offer a comprehensive cleaning solution for your washroom, foyers and auditoriums, projection rooms, offices and back of the house areas. Moreover, we shall offer periodic services for seat and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and polishing hard floors. And given the working times of your business, we strive to respond fast to calls and work even faster to ensure you have no business downtimes during the cleaning sessions.

We are accredited. This means that our cleaning solutions meet industry standards. We are certified by CHAS.

We care for the environment. The goal of our cleaning services is not to leave your premise sparkling clean and fresh only. No, we also want to leave a healthy environment behind. For this reason, we limit using harsh chemicals in the cleaning process. Instead, we prefer to pressure and steam clean. We only use chemicals to clean in special instances. And even then, we do our best to contain the use of the chemicals and properly dispose of the chemicals to prevent polluting the environment.

We handle the cleaning for you so that you can focus on parts of the business you are more passionate about. Let’s help you make your business a success.