Cafe Cleaning in Sheffield

Your café needs to be sparkling clean at all times for it to gain trust and be a huge success. This is because the cleanliness of your café often reflects on the quality of service you offer. And even worse, most customers relate a dirty café with low-quality and unhealthy foods.

Aside from this, cleanliness and hygiene are important to meet the café hygiene regulations outlined by the government and other relevant authorities in the area. But since running a café is hard work, maintaining high hygiene and cleanliness standards is tough work. But that’s where we, CHOR services come in.

Why do you need professional café cleaning solutions?

It’s important to note that café cleaning is not like office cleaning. Café cleaning requires some specialised knowledge and skills. At CHOR services, we have cleaned a lot of café’s in the ten years we’ve been operational. The café cleaning process is at our fingertips.

Below are some reasons why you need to book our cleaning services:

  • Impressions: as pointed out earlier, customers will not spend a dime in your restaurant if it looks dirty and is a mess. Though some artful messiness may pass for charm, but even then, you need to maintain some level of control and cleanliness. If you want the business to thrive, hire a professional.
  • Sanitisation: the café doesn’t only need to be clean but also germ-free. Ensuring this can be a difficult task mainly because dining areas have constant foot traffic and the kitchens are always busy. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain a germ-free environment where food and organic matter are involved. Our cleaning services will ensure your café surfaces are not only clean but sanitary.
  • Health Code: an unclean café puts the health of its customers at risk. Because of this, they come under the radar of bodies that enforce cleanliness. To avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, hire us to clean and sanitise your café.

It’s no secret that numerous cleaning companies offer café cleaning services. And though they might mop the floors and wipe tables, they rarely go beyond this. But for us, we offer a comprehensive service so that you don’t have to hire another company to keep your café clean.

Our cleaning staff will:

  • Clean and sanitise the kitchen.
  • Dust the tables, counters, chairs and other surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect the employee and public restrooms.
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.
  • Polish and clean the doors and windows, including glass panes, frames, and handles.

Moreover, we offer amendable café cleaning solutions and schedules according to your preference. If you’d like us to add or leave out a specific cleaning service from your package let us know.

With us on top of the cleaning, you can rest and focus on other parts of the business that excite you without worrying about violating the health codes – your restaurant will be sparkling clean and safe for your customers.