Builders Cleans in Rotherham

Once the builders and contractors are done with their work, there’s one other job left - cleaning up the building to make it safe for occupation. CHOR Cleaning Services will take care of the mess and scrub the building from top to bottom removing even the tiniest paint splatters and carrying away the high piles of rubbish that have been left behind.

For that all important final clean-up, you need a qualified cleaner with enough experience to get the job done safely and that is what we are here for.

Professional, Friendly, Reliable and Efficient

We are not just another builders cleans in Rotherham. We are an established business that has been in the industry for over 10 years and counting.

The task at hand requires a team that is well trained and understands the importance of getting the right results. With our experience and training and our quality assurance systems, you’re guaranteed of getting the building in shape and ready for occupation in the shortest time possible.

Whatever it takes, we will do it to make sure you get the best results for your building. Our builders cleans service will take care of all of the following;

  • Cleaning all the windows
  • Cleaning all the surfaces
  • Removing dust, labels, splatter, adhesive tape, paint and coverings
  • Cleaning, mopping and hoovering the floors and carpets
  • Cleaning and polishing the fixtures and fittings

Why Should You Leave the After Building Cleaning to the Experts?

Most property owners underestimate the risks that come with builders cleans. Not only does our services save you time and improve on the quality of results you enjoy, there are tons of other reasons why you should let the experts complete the work at hand. Here are few;

  • Removing construction dirt requires special detergents, tools and skills
  • The immense clouds of dust can pose health risks if you’re not conversant with the safety requirements of such work
  • Using poor-quality cleaning detergents will not only result in poor quality results but it can also be harmful to your health
  • Builders cleans experts have invested in training and cleaning and safety gear to allow them complete the job successfully and to the highest standards

The Benefits of Choosing CHOR Cleaning as Your Builders Cleans;

  • We bring our equipment and detergent so you don’t have to worry about the supplies. We will only need you to provide us with water. Our industrial detergents are eco-friendly and gentle on the surfaces and finishing in your home
  • You have a team of well-trained and highly experienced builders cleaners ready to serve you on any day of the week, day or night
  • Our team are mobile and always ready to go. We can have a team ready to clean the building in a few hours saving you valuable time
  • We offer same day builders cleans appointment in Rotherham
  • You enjoy customised contracts indicative of the work that you would like us to complete. With our bespoke approach to each project, you only pay for the services you use
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