Which Areas Of The Office Should You Clean?

If you are like most people, the office is your second home. And even more importantly, it’s the space where you engage and entertain clients to improve their experience with your brand. However, your office space could work against you in terms of acquiring and retaining loyal customers if you don’t keep it clean. But like everything else, maintaining a clean office is easier said than done. You’ll need to be intentional and dedicated to the cleaning process to have an office space you are proud of.

So now the question is, how often should one clean their office space? Below is a quick breakdown to guide you through the office cleaning expectations.

Note: there are several factors you’ll have to consider before creating a cleaning schedule.


For general health safety and sanitation, the restrooms have to be cleaned every day. You should focus your cleaning efforts on the toilet, sink and soap dispenser as they come into contact with all kinds of germs. And while you are at it, you should ensure there’ enough toilet paper in the stalls, wipe and sanitize the walls, mirrors and sink counters.

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If customers use your restrooms, then you’ll have to attend to them twice a day to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Kitchens and break rooms

These are the rooms where most germs are spread. The commonly touched surfaces and the dirtiest include; microwaves, countertops, door handles, sinks and more. You should wipe down and disinfect the appliances, countertops, tables, faucets and door handle daily. The microwave should be clean daily as well.


The lobby is the first space your client will see when they visit. You, therefore, want it to make a significant and lasting impression. Depending on the traffic your office receives, you should clean the lobby every few days. Professional cleaning services recommend vacuuming the space every night and wipe down the lights, plants and picture frames to avoid embarrassments.

Employee desks and the surrounding areas

Employees spend a lot of time at their office desks. As such, it’s safe to say these surfaces are a magnet for germs and grime. The most touched and dirtiest items include:

  • The mouse.
  • Calculator.
  • Phone.
  • Computer keyboard.

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These items need to be wiped with disinfecting wipes to remove germs. Also, you should empty the trash can, vacuum the carpet and dust the books and wall art around the employees’ space.


You should dust the windows regularly, preferably once every week. However, you should get in the habit of inspecting the windows for dust daily. Cleaning experts recommend window cleaning twice a year complemented by daily spot cleaning. Some factors affecting the frequency of cleaning your window include:

  • Office location – if your office is close to the highway or busy streets, the windows will accumulate dirt faster and thus require more frequent cleaning.
  • Landscape – if there are trees around you’ll need to clean off dust build-up and sticky residue.
  • Weather – if your location receives a lot of rainfall, you’ll need to clean the windows often to remove mineral deposits left by rainwater.


Cleaning the office will change the environment significantly. With regular cleaning, you’ll notice the air quality in the office will improve, and the employees are falling ill less. Customers walking into your office space will also be impressed by what they see.

Benefits of Vinegar for Cleaning

Have you ever sipped wine that has turned? If you haven’t, don’t. Once wine turns, it goes from being sweet and delectable to sour – just like the vinegar you have in the pantry. With that, let’s take a step back to the wine creation process.

When wine is being made, sugars from grains or fruits are converted to alcohol. This process is called fermentation. Once the bottle is sealed and then reopened the second type of fermentation occurs. But this time, the alcohol turns into acetic acid which is the main component of vinegar.

Now vinegar is useful for many reasons including cooking and cleaning. Different types of vinegar have different levels of acetic acid and water. Distilled white vinegar has 5% acidity, while champagne vinegar has 6% acidity. Distilled white vinegar is commonly used for general cleanings. But from time to time, 6% of acidity is required to get the job done – case in point when disinfecting the surfaces in a restroom.

With that said, below are the benefits of using vinegar as a cleaning product.

Disinfectant properties

The fact that vinegar has a low pH (2.0), it is not a conducive environment for bacteria and other microorganisms. As such, it’s the perfect cleaning solution for all surfaces in your home. To get an idea of how effective it is on this front, consider how well it protects pickles from mould and bacteria.

According to studies conducted, a 10% solution of malt vinegar is effective in killing Human Influenza the A/H1N1 just like commercial wipes are. Also, a study highlighted in the Journal of Environmental Health in 1997 proved that the undiluted vinegar worked just as well as regular bleach in killing E. coli from sponges and surface.

Loosens mineral deposits

Since it has a high pH, vinegar is excellent in loosening mineral deposits including rust and lime. It can also dissolve alkaline deposits like soap scum. Because of these abilities, it is great for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The vinegar also cuts through grease stuck on cooktops, ovens, grills and stoves and strips off wax buildup on wooden floors.

In the process of cleaning, it does a great job of deodorising and getting rid of bathroom and kitchen odours. And what’s more, vinegar is excellent in removing stains including tea and coffee from cups, coffee makers, and kitchen sinks.

It is biodegradable

Since it is a natural product, it is biodegradable and can be used to clean cars, cleaning the exterior windows and wiping down all patio furniture. It will not contaminate the water system.

It’s affordable

You cannot get a cheaper eco-friendly cleaning product like vinegar. For less than a dollar for a cup, vinegar is eco-friendly and will come in handy for cleaning any surface Also, you can save more on vinegar if you purchase in bulk.

Shelf life

Vinegar can last for 3 ½ years. But even if this expiration date passes, you don’t lose. When vinegar goes bad, it changes aesthetically. But even then, it’s safe to use. But don’t kid yourself, a large bottle of white vinegar will not last that long – you will find many uses for it around the house.


Vinegar is a true lifesaver. It can bail you out of cleaning situations you thought to be impossible. For instance, if you combine baking soda and vinegar, you can get rid of the stubborn red wine stains on your carpet and clothing.

5 Facts about Cleaning

House cleaning is enjoyable for some individuals and can be tiring for others. But whether you enjoy it or not, house cleaning is essential and has numerous health benefits. To help you enjoy cleaning below is a quick list of fun facts on cleaning.

  1. On average, 20% of men do daily housework compared to 51%

The stereotype that women are cleaner than men has been around for ages. Men are portrayed as messy people while women toe the line between compulsive and obsessive neat freaks. Women generally love living in clean spaces while men are comfortable in spaces they can fart without judgement. On average, women spend about 2.6 hours cleaning while men spend 2 hours. This is not a huge difference but all the same, it shows women have a liking for cleanliness than men.

  1. 47% of couples living together argue about cleanliness

The only surprising thing about this statistic is the fact that it’s not higher. Many couples argue about cleaning a lot. After all, cleaning is a chore very few people (if any), like. Couples living together argue about who should clean what, how often to clean, how one should clean and many other things.

  1. Exemplary cleanliness

If you are looking for some inspiration to clean, turn to Switzerland. According to a 2018 report, it was ranked the cleanest country in the world but the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). The EP accounts for factors like water sanitation and air pollution.

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Though Switzerland is the cleanest country, the title of the cleanest city in the world goes to Calgary, Canada. And this is despite Calgary having a large population of 1.3 + million people.

  1. The kitchen sink is dirtier than the toilet

This might come as a shock to many but, unfortunately, it’s true. It should serve as an eye-opener for those who think cleaning the kitchen sink can wait. Because the kitchen sink is dirtier, it also means that it packs more germs than the toilet.

Also, in the office, people unanimously agree that the toilet seat has more germs than any other surface. But this isn’t true either. As it turns out, most of the germs are found on office desks – on the office phone, and the computer keyboard. These surfaces contain 400 times more germs and bacteria than the toilet seats. But still, people clean the toilet seats every time they visit the restroom and handle the office phone and computer keyboard without a care in the world.

  1. Natural cleaners

Nature has offered several cleaning agents and disinfectants. And the beauty of it is that they are so efficient in removing stains than some manufactured cleaning products. For instance, tomato ketchup can be used to remove stains an also polished tarnished brass. It can also be used to remove rust stains from your fabric.

Lemons also come in handy as bleaching agents and disinfectants. And on the other hand, bananas are great for polishing shoes and silver items. Last but not least, vinegar is a perfect surface cleaning agent.


And there you have it – some fun facts that can help to get you excited about cleaning your home. Remember, if you don’t have the time for it, you can always hire a professional cleaning company to handle it for you.

10 Winter Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning has gained so much popularity in the recent past, mostly because people understand the benefits that accompany spring cleaning. But unfortunately, this is not the case for winter cleaning. And actually, very few people know the benefits of winter cleaning. Luckily, it’s something you can earn in a few minutes and implement it in your home immediately.

Cleaning your house during winter will ensure some appliances in your homework efficiently and help you save money you’d have spent on energy bills. Moreover, winter cleaning will give you a reason to be active around the house instead of lazing in front of the fireplace.

Below are the ten winter cleaning tips.

  1. Replace air filters

The HVAC filters should be replaced once every three months to ensure the air in the house is clean and fresh. Cleaning out the air ducts also ensures there’s a steady flow of air in the house and gets rid of allergens that might have been trapped in the house and caused health problems during the year.

  1. Empty the vents

Over time, lint builds up in the dryer vents. These are a fire hazard during dry winter. Get rid of lint that has accumulated over time by pulling out your dryer vent from the wall, disconnecting the pipe and cleaning it thoroughly. Use a vacuum to remove the lint.

  1. Clean the space behind the fridge

Every year, you should pull the refrigerator from the wall and clean the floor, wall and refrigerator coils. Dirty refrigerator coils reduce efficiency and cause a spike in energy bills. Also, if they are not cleaned, the dirty coils will reduce the appliance’s lifespan. But before you clean or conduct any maintenance, ensure the refrigerator is off.

  1. Declutter

Organisation is critical especially during winter since you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. Usually, more clutter means more dusty and dirty items. If possible, consider getting seasonal storage for things like your swimming gear.

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  1. Clean your kitchen

Winter is the ideal time to dust your cabinets and drawers and to clean and organize your pantry. Throw away expired foods and damaged tools. Since you can open your window during winter, cleaning out your kitchen will help reduce the cooking odours. And while you are cleaning the kitchen, remember to flush out your sinks.

  1. Steam furniture and carpets

Winter comes with snow, cold and mud. And though steam cleaning at this time might sound like a bad idea, we insist you don’t give the stains time to settle. Address the stains while they are fresh as they will be easier to remove.

  1. Wash the windows

Cleaning your windows will help to brighten your living space. This alone will help fight off the winter blues. As you clean the windows, use specific window treatment products for efficient results.

  1. Sweep the chimney

Keeping the chimney clean is imperative. It helps in reducing the risk of a chimney fire and ensures the air in your home is fresh. Though you can handle the cleaning yourself, it’s best if you hire a professional cleaning service to prevent creating a mess in the process.

  1. Degrease and clean the oven

Winter comes with many holidays. These holidays translate into a lot of baking and cooking. And such, the oven is turned into a sticky mess. When you clean the oven, you prevent fires, smoking and foul food odours.

  1. Hire a professional cleaner

Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to follow the above winter cleaning tips. But this doesn’t mean you leave your house in a mess. You have the option of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to handle all the cleaning as you attend to other obligations.

How Does Pure Water Window Cleaning Work?

Over the years, technology has evolved for the better. It has changed the way we perceive things and how we get things done. In most areas of our lives, it has simplified processes. One of the latest innovation that has made our lives easier is the invention of pure water window cleaning.

If you are hearing of this term for the first time, you must have a lot of questions running through your mind. For instance, isn’t the water we drink from the taps pure? How about bottled water that we love so much? Rainwater? Unfortunately, none of the above is pure water.

Water has no smell, no colour, and no taste. When it rains, condensed water drops from heavy clouds and wets your windows. But after the rain stops and the water dries, the windows are left with unsightly stains. The marks are exhaust fume and dust particles, minerals, and pollen from trees.

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Before this invention, you would have to use soapy water to clean your windows, rinse the soap with lots of water and wipe the window with a cloth. It’s a tiring process that you don’t have to undergo because of the new invention pure water window cleaning.

How pure water window cleaning works

Step one

NASA created the basic technology. It was later introduced to other industries and modified for different purposes. To get pure water, tap water is passed through a filtration process. The filtration process includes carbon filters and sediment, reverse osmosis membranes and deionizing resin. The latter process yield water in a pure state. This means that it’s only water without minerals and impurities.

Step two

When the water has been purified, it’s ready for cleaning. But the pure water alone is not enough to rid the window of white marks from the dirt and debris. The window is scrubbed to loosen the particles. The scrubbing process starts with agitating the window with brushes made for the task. Once the particles are loose, pure water is shot at the window through the brush. And since the water particles had been deionized, they attract loose dirt.

Step three

The window is rinsed, and the dirt solution is washed off, leaving nothing behind aside from pure water. After the pure water is given time to dry. After a few minutes, the window is dry and is crystal clear. The same is true for the frames and sills.

Advantages of pure window cleaning

Being a new age cleaning technology, it has numerous benefits including:

  • Health safety – during the cleaning process, chemicals are used.
  • Property safe – since no detergents are used to clean the window frames and sills, they don’t get damaged.
  • Environmentally friendly – the process has no harmful effects on trees, plants and your garden.
  • Spotless results – the process doesn’t leave streaks or marks behind. This cuts down on cleaning time.

Pure water cleaning is, indeed an upgrade. The process is effective and cuts down on time spent cleaning. If you are interested in the cleaning, call a professional high cleaning service to handle the project for you.

Where Should Cleaning Chemicals Be Stored?

So you’ve finished cleaning your home, or office, and now it is time to store the cleaning chemicals until the next cleaning session. While you might be tempted to store them under your bathroom cabinet or sink, these are not the safest places. Do not forget that while the cleaning products are safe to use, they can be dangerous when mishandled or when exposed to the wrong elements. Because of this, you should put some thought in where you’ll store the cleaning supplies. CHOR services have the ultimate guide Where Should Cleaning Chemicals Be Stored?

Store in a cool, dry and clean area

Most (if not all) cleaning chemicals come with the label ‘store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.’ You’ve seen this label before but probably ignored it as just another random directive. You see cleaning products are made by mixing different chemicals. Manufacturers know all too well the dangers of exposing these chemicals to extreme conditions. They also know most consumers don’t follow the directions and as such, design the cleaning formulas in a way that there is some lee-way. But this doesn’t mean that you can disregard the directive. You are safer when you store the cleaning chemical in a cool and dry space to avoid accidents and sudden dangerous reactions.

Original containers

You should store the cleaning chemicals in containers they come in. And in case you are in the business of mixing cleaning chemicals for domestic use, ensure you get new and clean bottles and containers. You should also label them to prevent confusion.

It’s important to note that different chemicals react differently. As such, unless you are a chemist and understand the possible reactions, you should always follow the manufacturers’ instructions to a T.

Safe storage

Children are curious beings. And at times their curiosity gets in the way of their safety. Everything they come across is a new opportunity to learn something new. And while this is a good thing, it should be in a controlled environment. You don’t want your child playing with items that could harm him.

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And because of this, it is essential to store your cleaning supplies in spots that are out of reach of your children and your pets. In this case, you can consider locked storage or higher storage.

Cleaning caddies

If the cleaning chemicals come in large containers that are cumbersome to carry around the house whenever you need to clean, consider storying the cleaning products in caddies instead. Luckily, cleaning caddies designed for cleaning are available. The idea of using caddies is to create smaller and manageable cleaning kits for different rooms in your home. The cleaning caddies can store any cleaning chemical and be stored in any room you please provided you follow the rules for storing chemicals.

With the cleaning caddies, the only thing you need to carry into any room as you clean is the floor care tools and products.


Storing cleaning chemicals as outlined above increases the safety in your home and ensures no accidents occur. Also, with proper storage, cleaning chemicals retain their strength for longer.

How Often Should You Clean Your Office?

If finding the right cleaning schedule for your office is proving difficult, you should know, you’re not alone. There are several factors you need to consider when trying to figure out how often your office needs cleaning.

The right cleaning frequency will ensure your office is always clean, and you don’t spend too much time cleaning that your work starts to pile up.

Size of the office

Size doesn’t refer to the total area covered by the office alone. It also considers the number of employees in the office.

The more the employees you have in the office, the higher the cleaning frequency should be. Offices that have partitions like a kitchen and breakroom require higher hygiene standards, and therefore the cleaning frequency is much higher. Also, common rooms like bathrooms tend to get dirty faster. Consider having these cleaned more often than the office.

The purpose of your office

The purpose of the office also dictates how often you should have it cleaned. If your office handles a lot of your clients, cleanliness is paramount. The area should be always spotless to impress your clients.

If the office doesn’t receive many visits, you have the leeway to slack a little. You can clean the office occasionally. However, you never know when a customer will want to drop by. So, you must keep things in order.

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The area of the office being cleaned

Different areas around the office depending on the location and environment will pick up dirt at different rates. Knowing what needs cleaning at what time is vital. It will save you time while improving the comfort and overall hygiene of your office.

  • Restrooms – For safety and hygiene reasons, clean the restrooms every day. In addition to cleaning, restock supplies like toilet paper and paper towels and make sure the sinks and mirrors are properly cleaned and sanitised.
  • Break rooms and kitchens – Leftovers, spills, and dirty dishes make these areas a petri-dish for bacterial growth. Daily cleaning and sanitising are vital. The appliances, countertops, faucets and handles should be wiped down and disinfected regularly.
  • Floors – If you have carpets on the floors, they should be vacuumed every night. Over the weekend, the carpets should be cleaned. Hardwood floors must be mopped nightly. In rainy or snowy weather, the floors should be mopped more often to keep up with the grime being dragged in.
  • Employees working areas – Employees should be tasked to keep their working areas clean and neat. However, once in a while, you should have professionals come and give the work areas a good rub down and disinfect equipment like phones, computer keyboards, and the mouse. This can help reduce the spread of illnesses in the office and cut back on the number of employees taking sick leave.
  • Lobbies – You want to give your clients the best first impression. There are no two ways about it. The lobby has to be kept in pristine condition and that means regular cleaning and wipe down of all the surfaces and furniture.

Knowing when your office needs cleaning is vital. With a proper cleaning schedule, you can mitigate such risks and ensure your office is always looking its best for you, your clients and your employees.

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Improving Workplace Productivity with a Clean Office

There are more benefits to a clean office than the aesthetic appeal and the sweeping effects it has on your clients and partners. A clean office could hold the key to making your employees more productive at work and improving the efficiency of your business.

Here are some of the ways the effects of a clean office can spill over and make employees more productive at work.

It gives the business a positive outlook

The look and perception of your company are vital. Your office is the core of the business and keeping it clean gives it a more positive outlook giving the employees better reasons to want to keep things rolling.

What’s more, the perception the office gives new staff members is one of a professional atmosphere filled with positivity allowing workers to feel more confident investing time and effort in the business.

A clean and tidy office increases focus and productivity

Visible mess around the office has a way of causing distraction. When looking to focus, decluttering is key. By decluttering and re-organising, you can counter overstimulation allowing the employees to focus on one task at a time for longer.

In a clean and well-organised office, there are fewer distractions which translate to getting more work done.

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A clean office improves employees’ health

Illnesses take hours of manpower away from businesses. Most of the illnesses are communicable and can be easily avoided by maintaining high hygiene standards around the office.

Bacterial and micro-organisms that thrive in commonly used areas like the kitchen break rooms and bathrooms can be the cause of bad outbreaks and increases sick leaves.

High hygiene standards go a long way in curbing the growth and spread of such organisms. Considering employees spend most of their time at the office, this ensures that they stay healthier for longer and being more productive.

A clean office boosts morale

Employee morale is critical when thinking of productivity. You want your staff to work not only to meet the goals of the business but be optimistic and energised while at it.

A clean office plays a critical role in this because it provides the employees with a space that they can be proud of. A clean and well-organised desk provides them with a place where they feel more comfortable and great about work.

If the morale of the employees goes down, so will productivity. That’s why it’s vital to keep hygiene and organisation levels at the office high at all times.

Final Thoughts

An excellent salary package and working terms are all essential in motivating employees. But, to keep them motivated and ready to work daily, you also need to have a clean office. A clean and organised space appeals to various parts of the brain that improve productivity and enhance focus.

A professional cleaning company can help you achieve your cleanliness goals and make it easier for your employees to achieve the goals of the business. This also helps you and the employees to focus more on the company.

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What Your Office Desk Says About You

Your desk (and its state) tells more about you than you want to share. If you’ve ever glanced at a colleague’s desk and thought, “That’s probably how he is in real life”. You’re most likely correct.

Workmates tend to judge each other based on the status of their working space. While this is often thought of as baseless judging, it could be the opposite.

The Minimalist

This is a unique breed of workers that loves keeping their desk clean. You will only find essential things on top of their desk. Like everything else in the life of a minimalist, even on their desk, less is more!

To keep the desk space neat and organised, most minimalists are rarely ever around. Breaks are their most coveted times and they take long to reply emails or even ignore them.

Most minimalists are rarely ever at their work station and they always keep the fewest things possible on and in their desks.

Just like their desk, a minimalist tries to do the least possible work. They will always jump on the reports at the last minute and are always getting other people around the office to do most of their work of them — even small tasks like cleaning dishes.

The Hoarder

The opposite of the minimalist is the hoarder. If you’re a hoarder, you will try to squeeze as much as possible onto your desk. Hoarders have to move stuff constantly to find some working space. Their desks are packed with everything from the contract they signed when joining the company to the gum they were chewing last week.

The hoarders, also known as clutterers, are the most welcoming employees in the office. They are talkative, warm, and friendly with everyone.

To survive in such a limited space needs creativity. But, while a hoarder is creative, they are often unproductive. They rarely ever throw anything away and have every missing item around the office tucked somewhere in their desk.

You might argue that you know where everything is and sinking in your own little junkyard doesn’t bother you, but other employees are always worried the junk might find its way to their desks.

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The Techie

There’s always that one guy around the office who you can’t help but wonder if you’re in the same salary bracket. He is always aware of every new gadget in the market and happens to own most of them or have a plan to own one. This is the ‘techie.’

Techies are always eager to try out new things and spend more time getting their own things done than getting actual work done. They enjoy the spotlight and being identified as the smartest person in the room and they can be a bit impulsive at time.

As a techie, you believe that the more gadgets you have, the more productive you are. It’s evident from the number of gadget littered on your desk. You loathe anyone that tries to opt for traditional methods and don’t believe they should be able to live without a screen.

What you don’t know is that your colleagues think all that technology is actually distracting. They might come to you when they have even the slightest technical problem and you’re always their go-to guy when they need chargers for their devices. After all, you seem to have everything.

The Documentarian

The name is descriptive of the personality. A documentarian keeps records of every life event and function happening at the office the entire year. To keep up with the expansive information, expect to find photos, arts, awards, school documents, and even pictures at their desk.

Most documentarians are team players who take even the most casual of business events very seriously. They are always ready to help and make each event a memory worth remembering for them and other employees.

Documentarians hover around the printer longer than anyone else to make sure they get enough copies of the documents. Expect a documentarian to be more than willing to share all the juicy details of their recent vacation, some of which might be a little too much information.

The Personaliser

The personaliser is an interesting character to have in the office space and their desk is always the model that everyone around the office would want to have but just can’t get around it. A personaliser’s desk is filled with inspirational posters, stickers, and quotes and they are always ready to spread the optimism to other employees through their extroverted nature.

They like to make every space their own even when it’s not necessary and feel more comfortable having their items around them.

Personalisers don’t hesitate to show off their personality and are always looking for new ways to make their work desk stand out more and feel personal.

Most colleagues won’t tell you how tired they are of seeing photos of your kids and wife on your desk or the fact that you have toys and other quirky items on your desk.

Closing Thoughts

Your desk says a lot about who you are and your personality. By closely examining the state of your desk, you will conclude that this is your nature even at home. Your bedroom has largely the same feel and layout as your desk. If you’re a personaliser, your bedroom will also be filled with mementos and pictures.

There are certain habits like hoarding that can impede your productivity and make simple tasks harder for you. Identifying such unhealthy behaviours is critical in helping you become a better team player and a more productive employee.

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5 Benefits of Getting Commercial Cleaning

Hiring a Commercial Cleaner could be the best business decision you make. It’s an efficient way to keep the workplace clean and tidy without bogging down your employees with more work that doesn’t make your business any money.

Considering that hiring a cleaner is an added cost to running your business, it doesn’t look like a smart idea. However, it has numerous benefits. Some of them are:

  1. A Healthier Working Environment

The working environment in your business should be healthy and conducive for you, your workers, and guests. With the help of a commercial cleaning company, you can keep everything around the workplace spick and span.

With quality cleaning products and professional cleaners, you not only have the surfaces around the office cleaned, but the paperwork is organised and all the surfaces disinfected.

The working space around your business is a hive of bacteria, germs, and diseases. Without a proper cleaning regime, it’s easy for bacteria to cause illnesses like cold and flu to spread, cutting down the productivity of your employees.

By hiring a cleaning service, you can improve the health standards of your office and give your employees a better chance at being more punctual and reduce sick days.

  1. Appealing Business Space

Your office says a lot about your establishment and your way of conducting business. Your office is your lead marketing tool.

Having a clean and organised office is essential in guaranteeing excellent results and ensuring your customers get the right picture of your business.

If the office is dirty, it can easily turn away potential clients. It reflects poorly on your standards and work ethic. A commercial cleaning service will make it easier for you to keep things looking neat and clean around the business and help you pass on the right message about your business and dedication to guests and customers.

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  1. Increased Productivity

Your employees stand to gain plenty from having a clean and well-organised office. Even though having the employees clean the office space teaches responsibility, they do the cleaning on company time reducing the time they dedicate to productive work that helps the business grow.

With a professional cleaning service, you can strike two birds with one stone. You can keep the office space clean and organised and get the employees to focus more on growing the business.

What’s more, employees tend to be more productive when they are working in a well-organised space. It’s easier and faster to find items which saves time and increases the speed at which tasks are completed.

  1. Flexible working hours

Unlike your employees, a cleaning company has more flexible hours. Most commercial cleaning companies understand how essential it is to ensure the cleaning doesn’t interrupt the running of the business.

Most will complete cleaning tasks after working hours. This allows employees to focus on their work during the working hours and the cleaners can come in after hours and make sure the office is ready for the next round of workers.

This is an essential benefit that ensures your business is constantly running at all times. It works like a well-greased set of cogwheels that works smoothly to ensure the business can grow.

  1. Save Costs

Contrary to popular opinion, deciding to hire a commercial cleaning company can help you save money. Without proper cleaning, dirt and dust accumulate around the workplace. The carpets, office blinds, and furniture are the most affected and become a magnet for pests. This can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

The dust is also not good for electronics, especially if you have computers in your office space. They can break down more often, which results in an expensive routine maintenance bill and in a worst-case scenario failure of equipment which can cost more.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait to learn the hard way about how important it is to keep your business clean and well organised. You can’t run everything in your business. By delegating, you can achieve great results and ensure all aspects of your business are well taken care of.

Hire a commercial cleaning service today to guarantee a clean, productive and healthy working space that saves you money and is appealing to your customers and guests.

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