Bin Store Room Cleaning in Sheffield

Residential and commercial premises storage areas and bin store rooms usually get dirty and unhygienic very fast. Expectedly, this leads to bacteria, unpleasant odours and pest infestations for those living close to these rooms and areas. And if it’s a commercial premise, the perceived value of the building may drop significantly.

Now, shared bin storerooms and areas have large capacity wheeled bins and paladin bins. When they are not cleaned thoroughly and regularly they have bacteria build-up and cause disease breakouts. Scheduling regular cleaning, as well as disinfection of the bins, the bin store rooms and surrounding areas, can help alleviate the problem from arising and negatively impacting the premise.

CHOR cleaning services offer an efficient and cost-effective cleaning as well as disinfection service for the bin store areas. We help to eliminate the unpleasant odours and ensure that the rooms and areas are hygienic.

Benefits of our bin store cleaning services

  • Reduced pest infestation.
  • High hygiene standards.
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours.

Why should you hire a professional bin store cleaning service?

First, a professional bin store cleaning service is a godsend for those who might be dealing with severely neglected bin storerooms. Recycling bins can be moulded and stained with leftover juice from bottles and cans. The leftover food creates a perfect habitat for moulds, fungus and other microbes which can pollute the neighbourhood and factory.

When dealing with such situations, it’s important to have a professional clean up because a simple hose down with some cleaning solution will not cut it. As a professional company, we use harsh and effective chemicals to strip the bins of the moulds and the stains.

Why Choose CHOR Cleaning Services?

  • Experience – Our core business is cleaning. We’ve been cleaning bin storerooms for ten years. In this time, we have developed some skills, tips and tricks that allow us to complete the cleaning project efficiently in the least possible time. Our experience also helps us to contain the cleaning and cause minimal disruption.
  • Skilled staff – We are proud to have skilled cleaners under our wing. They have gone through relevant training to help improve the hygiene standards of your bin storerooms.
  • We are accredited – For the most part, the cleaning industry in the UK is not regulated. However, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to acquire relevant accreditations that help to build our credibility in the industry. In the time we’ve been operational, we’ve acquired certifications from BICSc, ahcp, and CHAS.
  • Affordable pricing – It is true that you get what you pay for. For this reason, you are inclined to believe expensive services are the best. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many cleaning companies. In our case, we’ve made a point of offering high-end bin store cleaning services without charging a fortune. We want our clients to afford the services we offer. As such, we have competitive rates and provide value for money.

And aside from bin store cleaning, we also offer commercial floor cleaning, high-level cleaning, window cleaning, canopy cleaning, clinical cleaning, graffiti removal and more.