7 Best Restaurants in Sheffield

Sheffield is known for a lot of things. The lovely accents, a great university and while here, you can’t run out of things to do. What’s usually under-appreciated is the range of independent restaurants catering to all types of palettes. As the leading commercial cleaning company in Sheffield, we know where is good. Whether you’re looking to spend a small fortune on a meal or to get your fill on a budget, Sheffield has an impeccable collection of restaurants that never disappoint.

If you happen visit, here are seven restaurants that are sure to be worth your time and money.

  1. Forge Bakehouse

This is the best place to be if you’re looking for freshly baked bread and an out of this world brunch menu.

What began as a humble bakery has rapidly grown to have monthly supper clubs, shakes, burgers and cocktails but, their bread always steals the show. You can get their loaf of sourdough in-house or take the treat home for the rest of your folks to enjoy.

  1. Joro

Lovers of fine dining, this is your stop. With an eight-course meal made from the best and fresh local produce, the menu at Joro is a tantalising experience. It has a modern British finish to it and is one of the swishest places to eat in Sheffield.

The prices here are not for the faint-hearted but for those with deep enough pockets, the experience and quality of the meals are definitely worth the price tag. The plates are beautifully presented and food is made from local ingredients so you’re always assured of freshness.

  1. Nonnas

Nonnas is known for its authentic pasta. The joint was opened in 1996 and has quickly become a favourite among Italians cuisine lovers. What’s more, their Italian dishes are served at a reasonable price opening the doors for anyone who wants to try out new things.

Their most popular meal is the eight-hour slow cooked Italian sausage with tagliatelle which is the real highlight. If you happen to drop around and want to have a world-class Italian meal on a budget, Nonnas has your back. And you don’t even have to worry about compromise on quality. After all, they cook sausage for over eight hours. There’s no better commitment to quality.

  1. Steam Yard Coffee

For coffee lovers, a visit to Sheffield is not complete without a stopover at Steam Yard Coffee. They have spectacular coffee and the courtyard is breath-taking with lots of greenery. Their gluten-free baked products are perfect with the coffee.

When you’re looking for a casual place to have a hot mug of coffee, this is the perfect place. Their menu is not as robust, but the décor and ambiance more than makeup for this. If you drop by during summer, you can enjoy some ice cream which you can have stuffed inside their freshly baked doughnuts which is quite the treat.

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  1. The Milestone

Drop by The Milestone on Sundays for their signature Sunday roast which is quite popular around Sheffield.

It’s a popular joint for its succulent Sunday lunch but they also do brunch, early-bird specials and dinner as well.

The restaurant is so popular with the locals, especially for special occasions. They even have a graduation menu for the university students that drop in the area. It has gone a step further in equipping the community by starting a cooking school where you can learn roasting in one day!

  1. Tamper

The Tamper is run by two New Zealand natives and they swear their restaurant serves the best coffee that will ever pass your lips. They have perfected the art of brunch making Tamper the best place for an afternoon meet up with friends or family.

True to their word, their coffee is award-winning and they have the best grub in town. Go for their big kiwi breakfast to stifle any hangover and on Friday nights you have the chance to prepare for the hangover with a boozy opening.

  1. The Vintage Pantry

The Vintage Pantry is just as the name describes. A quaint little café filled with tranquillity right at the top floor of the Sheffield Antiques Centre. They have a delicious sponge cake served with mismatched teacups.

While here, you can also try their freshly baked scones with jam or clotted cream. If you prefer a more classic pick, their sandwiches will take the craving out of you. Their menu also includes salads, toasties and classic jacket potatoes.

There you have it. Seven great restaurants to keep your stomach and your taste buds happy while you’re in Sheffield. There are plenty of other places you can go to which are just as great. But, if you don’t want to spend too much time hopping from one place to the next trying to find the perfect balance, these seven will do just fine.

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