7 Best Places to Live in Sheffield

Are you thinking of moving to Sheffield? Or maybe you recently got transferred and are looking for the best neighbourhoods to start your life. Sheffield is home to over half a million citizens in a geographically diverse and very vibrant city. As the leading office cleaning in Sheffield we know the best places to live in Sheffield.

Depending on the kind of life you’re looking to lead, Sheffield has the perfect spot for you. It has areas that are awash with students, neighbourhoods perfect for young professionals without families and also areas for the family man looking for a quiet place to bring up children.

  1. Paul’s

St Pauls is not the place it used to be anymore. It recently got re-developed and has become one of the best cities to live in if you want a locality bustling with life and activity. St Paul’s offers its residents easy access to the largest market in the city ‘The Moor Market’ and it happens to be well connected to the larger city.

From St Paul, you can visit the Sheffield Cathedral and Peace Garden offering a rich cultural experience to anyone who decides to make this robust city their new home. The centrality of the city is something that students, young professionals and families will love about St. Paul. If you don’t have a car, St. Paul is close to Sheffield Station so you can make easy train connections to cities like Manchester and London. The train station is also connected to Manchester Airport.

  1. Fulwood

Located just 3 miles west of the city centre is a suburb that was once known as home to the steel magnates of the 19th century. This low-key neighbourhood is perfect for families and people that want to lead a quiet life. It is packed with greenery and just a stone throw away from the countryside. It gives a unique balance between city life with its amenities and the greenery and clean air give it that touch of the countryside life.

The suburb has plenty of pubs, live music joints and local brews to keep residents who are looking for some occasional fun and action occupied and hooked.

Notable features around here include the Peak District National Park with plenty of activities like hiking, camping and cycling.

With prestigious schools, golf and tennis clubs this is the perfect part of the city for residents who love spacious living with easy and fast access to central Sheffield.

  1. Dore

Dore is one of Sheffield city’s most beautiful and historically affluent suburbs. Real estate prices have kept most of Sheffield residents away from this beauty. If you have some money to splash, this would be a great place to spend it.

It’s about six miles west of the city centre and just 15 minutes from central Sheffield. Until the early 1930s, it was part of Derbyshire.  Since then, it has grown to become quiet with a small-town feel. It’s the perfect place if you want to rub shoulders with the elite in Sheffield. While here, you have access to a broad range of facilities for all ages and interests. You have access to a train station which makes it easier to access other nearby cities.

  1. Crookes

Want to live in Sheffield’s most vibrant location? It doesn’t get better than Crookes. It’s suited close to the University of Sheffield so it’s frequented by students with the feeling of a quail and tranquil location. It has a web of leafy trees lining the streets and an elevated altitude.

The large student population means clubs, restaurants, and bars. It also means that Crookes if livelier and more vibrant than most of the other places in Sheffield.

As a resident of Crookes, you will be surrounded by singles, young professionals and students. You will not be short of amenities. What’s more, it’s just a 20-minute walk from Sheffield City Centre. Proximity to the Crookes Valley Park and the Botanical Gardens, both of which are favourite weekend getaways are other reasons why you should consider Crookes as your new home.

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  1. Broomhill

Familiarity is the most appealing thing about Broomhill. Even though most people living here eventually cross over to Crookes, Broomhill has its own collection of the features that will have you hanging around. It has a variety of appealing eateries, the convenience of numerous supermarkets, fashion outlets and pubs.

Compared to Crookes, Broomhill offers more spacious living making it catchy for not only students but also young professionals who are branching out.

  1. Upperthorpe

For potential residents looking for a vibrant neighbourhood without as many students, Upperthorpe is it.  It’s down the hill from Crookesmoor and adjacent to the Ponderosa Park. There are many families here who have made this their home but, you will also find a sizeable student community.

Houses here are cheaper and bigger compared to Crookesmoor and there are plenty of shops and takeaways from the person looking for a simple but fast life.

  1. Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road is rich with pubs and cocktail bars which are synonymous with student populations as you would guess. Living here means you’re spoilt for choice. The Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park are just around the corner and both offer plenty of relaxing natural spaces where you can go to unwind or have some fun with your family.

In this locality, lavishness and convenience live in unison. Everything you need is probably within a 10-minute stroll making it the perfect place to be for anyone that loves the proximity to amenities.

Living in Sheffield comes with a wide range of benefits. Being here means you can enjoy different cultures and neighbourhoods. It’s like being in a small country in each of the different areas. With so much to choose from, make sure you take time when picking the best place for you to live in Sheffield.

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